The Lutheran Church of Central Africa – Zambia Synod (LCCA – Zambia) continues to grow. The seminary is well established, Zambian men are being trained to become future pastors to lead the next generation, and future educators are also being trained. National leadership is strong and the members are excited about why they assemble and where they are headed. The church is creating a culturally appropriate structure, goal setting, and strategic planning. The church leaders and members actively reach out to neighboring communities and the number of baptisms increases each year.

The LCCA has two training centers: The Lutheran Bible Institute in Malawi and the Lutheran Seminary in Zambia. These two theological schools are run by both the LCCA-Zambia and the LCCA-Malawi under the Joint Worker Training Board. Candidates for the pastoral ministry are identified from the congregations. They are then sent to the Lutheran Bible Institute in Malawi for three years. From there, students are sent to the Lutheran Seminary for another three years of study. Finally, graduating students are posted for one year to serve as vicars. After this practical year of ministry, students are then ordained as pastors.

The LCCA has achieved a great level of maturity as a synod, allowing WELS to approach our mission work in Zambia and Malawi as partners, not as owners. WELS is incredibly thankful to the LCCA as we partner in outreach to other countries in central and eastern Africa such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. Learn more about WELS mission history in Zambia.

Mission statistics

Congregations: 113
Baptized members: 10,000
National pastors: 33
Missionaries: 4
Seminary students: 6
Preaching stations: 5

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Latest News

Praying for Zambia

The Lutheran Church of Central Africa is asking for your prayers in the area of Spiritual growth, Stewardship, ability to raise resources for church construction, and courage for Pastors who are serving under extremely difficult conditions.


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