God continues to prepare his people for works of service in Zambia as well as reaching out to Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Zambia synod continues to grow. The seminary is well established, Zambian men are being trained to become future pastors to lead the next generation and future educators are also being trained. National leadership is strong and the members are excited about why they assemble and where they are headed. The church is creating a culturally appropriate structure, goal setting and strategic planning. The church leaders and members actively reach out to neighboring communities and the number of baptisms increases each year.

The Lutheran Church of Central Africa (LCCA) has two training centres. The Lutheran Bible Institute in Malawi and the Lutheran Seminary in Zambia. These two theological Schools are run by both Zambia and Malawi under the Joint Worker Training Board. Candidates for the Pastoral ministry are identified from the congregations through the process known as “Theological Education by Extension’ (TEE). After the Theological Education by Extension they are sent to the Lutheran Bible Institute for three years. From there students are sent to the Lutheran Seminary for another three years. Finally graduating students are posted for one year to serve as Vicars. After this practical year these students are then ordained as Pastors.

The LCCA is a liturgical church. It has maintained its traditional liturgical practice in its worship. It has developed some church practices like Camp meetings; Bible studies workshops for the youth, youth choirs, and an organised worship service which is uniform through out the Synod. Congregations will follow the same order of service both in English and Local languages. We use the same hymns, follow the church calendar, and participate in all church festivals. Most likely the congregations celebrate the Holy Communion once per month. We also have a uniform baptism and confirmation instruction program. It is our practice to hold a convention every two years where we elect synod office bearers. We also have a constitution which guides us in our operations as a synod. Learn more about WELS mission history in Zambia.

Mission update

The church in Africa is growing. The challenge we have is the struggle to put up modern structures, Pension and housing for Pastors when they retire is a huge challenge. The church does not have modern technology like websites, etc.

In order to promote and improve rural congregations’ Spiritual growth the LCCA has embarked on “The Rural Empowerment strategy.” This is where we are trying to help Pastors who serve where there is no electricity. We have and are currently sourcing funds from well-wishers both local and International to buy solar panels for the rural Pastors so that they can have adequate light to study their sermons properly.

The LCCA has organised literacy programs and some home based care units. The LCCA has helped Rural Communities with safe drinking water. This is done in collaboration with the Lutheran Missions in Zambia.

Mission statistics

Congregations: 113
Baptized members: 10,000
National pastors: 33
Missionaries: 4
Seminary students: 6
Preaching stations: 5

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Latest News

Praying for Zambia

The Lutheran Church of Central Africa is asking for your prayers in the area of Spiritual growth, Stewardship, ability to raise resources for church construction, and courage for Pastors who are serving under extremely difficult conditions.


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