Fellow Lutherans in Mexico are busy spreading God’s Word. The Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mexico serves 10 congregations and 8 preaching stations throughout the country. Six Mexican pastors, together with four full-time Mexican seminary students oversee the on-going work. These national leaders continue to work diligently proclaiming God’s free grace to their congregations and their communities.

The growing maturity of the national church leaders, along with expanding security issues,  has led to new and innovative methods for continuing WELS mission work in Mexico, and Latin America. The Latin America missionary team uses Internet communication, and stateside WELS Hispanic members, who are recent United States immigrants, to help provide new opportunities for a flexible and mobile approach for continued training and outreach. Learn more about WELS mission history in Mexico.

Mission updates

In the Great Commission, Jesus instructed us to proclaim the gospel to all nations and to teach. Throughout history, Christians have made use of existing means of communication to do just that. Early Christians took advantage of the safe network of Roman highways. Reformers such as Martin Luther made use of the printing press. Today, God has blessed us with internet and mobile technologies, we are striving to make the most of this blessing in order to proclaim the Word to as many as possible and supplement face-to-face visits with online training for our brothers and sisters throughout Latin America.

Digital Bible study resources and online training is available (in Spanish) at: Online Spanish worship services and worship resources are available at:

Mission statistics

Baptized nationals: 718
Missionaries: 2
National pastors: 6
Student pastors: 4
Seminary students: 4
Congregations: 10
Preaching stations: 8

Latest News

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Praying for Mexico

Please pray that God guide and protect the members and pastors of the Mexican Lutheran Church as they live in a country currently affected by a drug war; and that God bless the recruitment efforts to bring more students into the Mexican Lutheran Seminary.