Christ the King Lutheran Church of Nigeria and All Saints Lutheran Church of Nigeria are our two sister synods in the southeast states of Nigeria. Descended from the Synodical Conference first Lutheran mission, Christ the King and All Saints are true, confessional Lutheran synods. They are sister synods in fellowship with WELS, members of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (CELC), and true mission partners with WELS. The 4,200 communicant members of the two Nigerian synods are currently served by 20 Nigerian pastors and more than 55 lay preachers. By God’s grace, we aim to help the Nigerian church bodies capitalize on their on-going zeal and effort. Learn more about WELS mission history in Nigeria.

Mission statistics

Christ the King
Congregations: 34
Communicant members: 2,478
National pastors: 9
Evangelists: 1
Preaching elders: 30
Seminary students: 10

All Saints
Congregations: 23
Communicant members: 1,700
National pastors: 11
Evangelists: 2
Preaching elders: 25
Seminary students: 12

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Praying for Nigeria

Please pray that all Nigerian members remain faithful to the Lord and his Word, so they continue to share the saving gospel message with all Nigerians. Ask for God’s blessings on the presidents, pastors, and leaders of All Saints and Christ the King Lutheran synods.


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