Brothers and sisters in the Obadiah Lutheran Synod in Uganda have a heart for gospel ministry. Throughout their five districts, they seek ways of sharing the gospel within their communities. This work happens through regular worship and Bible classes, a women’s ministry, ministry to families with disabled children, and a few schools for children. They have few traditionally trained pastors, but they seek out and equip reliable men in their congregations to take on the task of shepherding God’s people.

WELS and Obadiah Lutheran Synod formally declared fellowship at the 2023 WELS Synod Convention. The One Africa Team is working together with the Obadiah Lutheran Synod to provide training to church workers, both men and women, in teaching the Old Testament and the Apostles Creed to others in their congregations. The One Africa Team has also provided a grant for the production and delivery of a worship tent and chairs for the Acholi district in the northern part of Uganda, which will enable them to conduct weekly worship and trainings rain or shine. The Obadiah Lutheran Synod is also expanding its ministry to families with disabled children by making use of a grant from WELS Christian Aid and Relief.

Fast Facts

  • Baptized national members: 4,144
  • Congregations: 21
  • Preaching stations: 8
  • National pastors: 6
  • National evangelists: 6

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Praying for Uganda

Lord of the Church, please be with and bless our brothers and sisters in the Obadiah Lutheran Synod. Keep them faithful to you and your Word, and bless their efforts to share your saving gospel with the people in their communities. Be with them as they seek to train workers to meet the opportunities before them. In your name I pray, Jesus. Amen.


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