Cameroon is frequently called the “hinge of Africa” because of its central location and frequent volcanic activity. Slightly larger than California, Cameroon is in Western Africa and shares borders with Nigeria, Chad, Central Africa Republic, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.
In a country with oil reserves and farmland to foster economic development more than other African countries, unemployment and poverty are still high.  However by God’s grace, a favorable climate and vast farmland provide plenty of food.

There is much need for the continuing education of our National Pastors, so they can strengthen our Lutheran Church of Cameroon (LCC) members, “to prepare God’s people for works of service” (Ephesians 4:12). Each quarter, LCC pastors are brought together for short coarses, for the deepening their understanding of the scriptures and to better unite practice to doctrine.  An additional objective of WELS ministry is the training of men to serve as future pastors in the LCC.

Mission update

The field is ripe in Cameroon and there is relative peace and stability in the region in which our churches are located.  Because of the hard work of previous missionaries and Kingdom Worker volunteers, there is a core group committed to the truth of Scripture. Pastor Kroll arrived on field June of 2014, with his family following in September. He spent his first year becoming familiar with Cameroon culture, visiting churches and getting to know the pastors.  His focus then shifted to the continuing education of national pastors and the development of a worker-training program, to ensure the future availability of qualified pastors.  Due to various reasons, the LCC has not trained any new pastors since 1999.  This is an exciting time for the LCC as they look forward to begin Bible Institute and Seminary instruction of 13 student in September of 2016.  Pastor Mesue Isreal recently accepted the call to serve as the first ever, national teacher for the LCC worker-training program.  Pastor Mesue Isreal will be joining Pastor Kroll as the second teacher and work to develop a locally sustainable worker-training program.  Please keep the Lutheran Church of Cameroon in your prayers.   

Mission statistics

Baptized national members: 640
Number of congregations: 31
National pastors: 8
Pre-seminary students: 13
Certified Assistants: 12
Missionaries: 1
Preaching stations: 2

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Praying for Cameroon

Please pray for the national church and its leadership, that God bless the partnership between WELS and the LCCA-Cameroon. A worker training program is essential, please pray the Lord grant a missionary to serve soon.


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