Cameroon is often called the “Hinge of Africa” because it is located in the area of a geographical bend of the continent. It is also called “Little Africa”, as the diverse terrain and culture found within it’s borders are representative of those found on the entire continent. Slightly larger than California, Cameroon is located in Western Africa. Despite oil reserves and farmland to foster economic development better than other African countries, unemployment and poverty are still high. However by God’s grace, a favorable climate and vast farmland provide plenty of food.

The main focus of our One Africa Team is to work with the Lutheran Church of Cameroon (LCC) to establish a worker training program, ensuring future workers for the 31 congregations of the LCC. With support from One Africa Team missionaries, Pastor Mesue Israel is leading the seminary program. Missionary Dan Kroll serves both Cameroon and Nigeria from a distance, assisting with the seminary program and working with national pastors to train new lay leaders for local congregations. Learn more about WELS mission history in Cameroon.

Fast Facts

  • Baptized national members: 753
  • Congregations: 31
  • Preaching station: 1
  • National pastors: 8
  • Evangelists: 3
  • Certified Assistants: 4
  • Seminary students: 8
  • Missionaries: 1

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Latest News

Praying for Cameroon

Please pray for the national church and its leadership, that God bless the partnership between WELS and the Lutheran Church of Cameroon. We pray that the Lord grant peace to Cameroon soon, so that WELS missionaries can return and continue to assist in worker training.


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