Cameroon is often called “Little Africa”, as the diverse terrain and culture found within its borders are representative of those found on the entire continent. The English zones, where the Lutheran Church of Cameroon (LCC) is primarily located, have struggled with political tension since 2016. As of 2018, a WELS missionary has not been able to live in Cameroon. Missionary Dan Kroll, with support from the WELS One Africa Team, provides support to the LCC from his home in Malawi and with occasional face-to-face visits. The Lord continues to be faithful by watching over the worker training program.  

Seven men graduated from the worker training program and became pastors in 2022. Due to various circumstances, it’s been 23 years since the Lutheran Church of Cameroon has graduated a new class of pastors. These new pastors double the number of full-time congregation workers who can train laymen and even future pre-seminary and seminary students. We praise God for providing Seminary Professor Mesue Israel, Board Chairman Fon George, and Synod President Abumbi Mathias who understand the importance of this ongoing worker training program in Cameroon.  A new group of students began their five-year worker training program in September 2022. New teacher Ngalame Gervase is assisting Professor Israel. We look forward to the Lord’s blessings on all the work of the Lutheran Church of Cameroon. Learn more about WELS mission history in Cameroon.

Fast Facts

  • Baptized national members: 973
  • Congregations: 25
  • National pastors: 15
  • Evangelists: 3
  • Certified Assistants: 10
  • Seminary students: 10

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Latest News

Praying for Cameroon

We praise God for seven new seminary graduates in Cameroon, and we pray the Lord blesses their ministries. We give thanks that the Lord has led Pastor Gervase Ngalame to accept the call to serve as the second professor in the worker training program as well as for the 10 men selected to begin the program in September 2022. Lord, please keep the people in Cameroon safe and put an end to the civil unrest. We pray for the continued ability for Missionary Kroll and members the One African Team to make continued visits to Cameroon. Amen.  


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