With the fall of the Iron Curtain in the early 1990’s, God unexpectedly opened a door for evangelism in Russia, the largest country in the world. In early 2022, God unexpectedly closed that door to westerners. For 30 years WELS missionaries, visiting professors, and lay volunteers got to experience first-hand Russia’s rich culture and history. Most importantly, they were able to share the certainty of Christ’s promises with people who now deeply appreciate his blessings.

Three Russian pastors and a seminary student continue to proclaim God’s good news in Novosibirsk, Iskitim, Tomsk, and Sevastopol. They regularly meet online with Missionary Luke Wolfgramm for Bible study, prayer, and mutual encouragement. God’s Word is not bound. The Lord is opening doors and hearts for our Russian brothers and sisters in The Evangelical Lutheran Church – Concord.

Fast facts: 

  • Congregations: 4 
  • Baptized members: 180 
  • National pastors: 3 
  • Seminary students: 1 

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Praying for Russia

Please pray that God would unite our Russian brothers and sisters in faith, love, and purpose; that God would richly bless his Word as church members share Jesus’ peace; that God would equip Russian pastors to proclaim God’s good news from the pulpit, in the classroom, and when counseling individuals; and that God would strengthen the spiritual fellowship we enjoy with our Russian sister church despite physical separation. 


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