Westerners are naturally curious about Russia, the massive country rich in culture and history that had been closed to Americans for seventy years. With the falling of the Iron Curtain, it became much easier for Americans and Russians to meet and learn about each others’ customs, lifestyles and religions. When WELS first started working in Russia, hundreds of people flocked to learn about the Bible each week. Times have changed. With a strong Russian Orthodox Church denouncing all western churches as well as a booming economy pulling people away from spiritual matters, mission work has become increasingly difficult. Today, one missionary works to serve four congregations and equip leaders in the church. Visiting professors make regular teaching trips to help train our seminary students and deaconesses. Deaconesses in Iskitim conduct a thriving children’s program including Sunday school, VBS, children’s seminars throughout the year, as well as publishing an impressive children’s newsletter. The Russian Lutheran Church is currently working on improving its use of media, including a website and distribution of sound Christian literature. Please keep the Russian Lutheran Church in your prayers! Learn more about WELS mission history in Russia.

Mission updates

An American missionary assists and counsels our Russian brothers and sisters as they proclaim Christ in seven cities.

Mission statistics

Baptized nationals: 270
Organized congregations: 5
Missionary: 1
Preaching stations: 1
Deaconesses: 3
National pastors: 4

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Praying for Russia

Please pray for the Russian seminary students and deaconesses who are faithfully studying and working to spread the gospel; the youth of the Russian congregations, who meet twice a month for Bible study and fellowship; the students in our adult instruction classes; and for the good health and safety of the missionary families.


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