Since January 2010, Haiti still remains in need of repair. More than 100,000 Haitians still live in temporary tent-like housing, lack proper food, and adequate work. Dysentery, Cholera, widespread joblessness, and other woes still grip the nation.

The good news of Jesus Christ is reaching many Haitians. Through continued leadership training, small church group gatherings, and Chrtistian day schools, God’s Kingdom is growing despite a challenging environment.

WELS Haitian sisters and brothers are stepping into the role of leading local congregations stemming from WELS affiliation with seven orphanages in the Leogane area. More than 100 children have been baptized.

National Pastor, Rona Abraham, continues to work with the orphanage directors. The three orphanages have each formed church groups, one operates a K-4 grade school and one provides kindergarten level classes.

Outreach to the Haitian community in the Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies has also begun. The island nation is just north of Cape Haitian, where Rev. Abraham lives.

Mission Update:
As part of the Latin America missionary team, Missionary Terry Schultz, is the new International Hispanic Outreach Consultant, transferring his former duties in Haiti and Dominican Republic to Rev. Rona Abraham and Haitian church leadership.

Teachers at the three orphanage Christian day schools are using a simplified Luther’s Catechism for Bible instruction, translated into Haitian Creole. School leadership is in the process of sharing a Lutheran religion curriculum in a local Haitian public elementary school with more than 300 students enrolled.

In the future, Haitian orphanage directors would like to provide a vocational training school, so that when the children reach the age of 18 years old, they will have a skill to help secure jobs, and support themselves.

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