WELS continues to encourage and support a small group of Bolivian members who separated in fellowship from the Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches (FIEL) and want to continue being instructed in sound biblical and confessional doctrine. This new Lutheran church, the Christian Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Church (ICELC), is in full confessional agreement with all the doctrines of the Bible and with the Lutheran Confessions. Missionary Phil Strackbein and his wife, Kathy once served as resident missionaries in Bolivia. They have now moved to Ecuador. However, the congregation continues on, being fully self-supporting. The gospel continues to be extended in Bolivia, and now also in Ecuador—a double blessing from our Lord. Learn more about WELS mission history in Bolivia.

Mission updates

Members of the Latin America missionary team continue to support the Bolivian congregation and its members who desire further biblical instruction.

Mission statistics

Baptized national members: 25
Number of congregations: 1
Preaching stations: 1
Called workers serving in Bolivia: 4
Students being training for service to the church: 4

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Praying for Bolivia

Please pray for this church body as it works to conform its teachings to the Scriptures and put Biblical doctrine into practice and for its members, who are taking courses.


Consider supporting Bolivia with your prayers and gifts to the Latin America special projects fund.


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