The Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Church of Albania has been served by two Albanian pastors, Agron Mece (pictured middle) and Mikel Bishka (pictured right), since the withdrawal of the WELS missionary in 2009. The Europe Administrative Committee, Missionary Luke Wolfgramm (Russia), and the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI) have been making periodic training visits to Albania and offer support and encouragement from a distance. Pastor Mikel Bishka’s son, Nikolla Bishka (pictured left), was recently installed as the third Albanian national pastor. He will work along side the other two pastors in serving the 66 baptized members of the two congregations in Tirana and Durres.

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Praying for Albania

Please pray for Agron, Mikel, and Nikkolla-the three pastors who are carrying on gospel ministry in the two congregations in Durres and Tirana.


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