India is the world’s second most populous country, having 1.27 billion people. It will likely overtake China in the next decade. But only 2.3% are Christians, meaning that 1.24 billion Indians do not know Christ.

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Ministries (CELM), WELS national church in India, serves more than 5,300 souls in 120 congregations in southeastern India. WELS friendly counselors help train Indians to carry the good news of Jesus Christ to their own people. Fifty six men have graduated from the program and now serve in congregations. Another 19 men are currently studying while serving congregations on a part-time basis. WELS also supports a translation, and publications program which provides Christian literature in both Telugu and Hindi languages.

WELS individuals, and groups support seven children’s homes which care for the physical, and spiritual needs of more than 200 children, in addition to funding Gentle Shepherd Lutheran School which provides a Christian education for 220 children.

Baptized souls: 5,300
National pastors: 45
Congregations: 120
Gospel workers: 48
WELS friendly counselors: 2
Seminary students: 19
Pre-Seminary students: 20
WELS present since: 1999

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Praying for India

Please pray for the members of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Ministries, that they continue to lead Christian lives with the boldness to invite others to learn more about Jesus. Pray the Lord continues to expand the spiritual wisdom of the church’s leaders and those who are preparing to enter the public ministry.


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