Bulgaria – Outreach to Roma

Bulgarian national pastor, Iliyan Itsov, leads a ministry to gypsies (or Roma) called “Outreach to Roma.” Himself a gypsy, Itsov is able to share the gospel in these communities that tend to be isolated as they seek to maintain their unique culture. He uses his home congregation in the Romani village of Dunavtsi as his base as he reaches out to gypsy populations throughout Bulgaria. Currently, there are five preaching stations. A total of 140 people of gypsy heritage are worshiping regularly. Many have been baptized and confirmed.

Recently, a group in the town of Kyrdzhali (known as “the capital of the Muslim region in Bulgaria”) has been started. Itsov partners with WELS Christian Aid and Relief to distribute essential food items in the poor villages at both Christmas and Easter. Helping the poor in the community has helped the reputation and legitimacy of these young churches, and has led to opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus. WELS continues to provide encouragement and assistance through the Europe Administrative Committee and the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI) as well as some financial support.

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Praying for Outreach to Roma

Please pray Bulgarian national pastor, Iliyan Itsov, as he reaches out to the Roma people in Eastern Europe with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for blessings on their Vacation Bible School and youth group programs as these young people stay connected to their Savior.