Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, a congregation in Moca is served by a team of national lay leaders and evangelists. These leaders and evangelists have received extensive training through former missionaries and Academia Cristo. Pastor Henry Herrera from Medellín, Colombia, also serves as a mission counselor to the congregation. The mission-minded congregation works closely with a Haitian pastor who serves in Haiti in the cities of Leogane, Cape Haitian, Pilate, and Petit-Goave. Learn more about WELS mission history in the Dominican Republic. 

The congregation is Moca is eager to partner with Academia Cristo to plant new churches throughout the country. Recently a team of leaders from the congregation made a series of visits to Academia Cristo students alongside a WELS Latin America missionary. Additionally, an Academia Cristo student from the Dominican Republic who is advancing through the courses traveled to Medellín, Colombia, to meet with Pastor Henry Herrera. He wanted to see an established Lutheran congregation as he takes steps to plan his own group. The Holy Spirit is certainly working through the gospel in the hearts of people throughout the Dominican Republic! 

Fast Facts

  • Baptized national members: 65
  • Congregations: 1
  • National layworkers: 4

Praying for the Dominican Republic

Please pray for the congregation in Moca and for Academia Cristo outreach efforts as they seek to train up more leaders to plant new churches throughout the country.