The Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI)

The Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI) of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, in partnership with WELS Joint Missions, guides and assists spiritual leaders around the globe through their pre-seminary and seminary training. The PSI connects with these spiritual leaders through WELS world mission work and through outreach to immigrants and refugees in the United States and Canada. They are able to evaluate and serve these international groups and synods that want support, training, and a connection to a church body that shares the gospel message in its truth and purity. The PSI also facilitates the opportunity for Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary professors to teach and consult on curriculum at seminaries and Bible Institutes around the world that are in fellowship with WELS.

In special circumstances, the PSI will also provide a flexible path to ministry for second-career students who are already active in their home congregation’s ministry and cannot relocate to attend Martin Luther College or Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary for their pre-seminary and seminary studies. The PSI’s distance learning approach is supported by the local pastor as mentor and “adjunct” instructor and allows these men to complete their studies in their home setting.

Core Values:

  1. Train and encourage stand-alone, confessional, evangelical pastors
  2. Teach a distinctively Lutheran curriculum that equips and inspires workers to pass it on
  3. Deliver the Lutheran curriculum contextually in a culturally appropriate way
  4. Rely on a mentoring approach, which allows for a broad assessment of knowledge, skill, and character
  5. Look to the national leaders as soon as possible to lead in the planning, teaching, and evaluating, enabling the national leaders are able to offer culturally appropriate perspectives
  6. Seek an authentic collaboration with all stakeholders including the students, the administrative committees, sister seminaries, and all sister church bodies


The purpose of the PSI Team is to walk with kingdom-committed spiritual leaders worldwide.

Meet the PSI Team

Rev. E. Allen Sorum

Rev. E. Allen Sorum

Director - Pastoral Studies Institute
Rev. Jon Bare

Rev. Jon Bare

International Recruitment Director
Rev. Bradley Wordell

Rev. Bradley Wordell

World Mission Seminary Professor

Latest News

Praying for the Pastoral Studies Institute

We pray that the Lord continue to be with the three members of the PSI Team as they train spiritual leaders at home across the globe. Pray that God continue to be with the students of the PSI program, as they learn more about their Savior and are trained to share that Good News of salvation with their own people around the world.


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