East Asia

For more than ten years WELS has been sharing the gospel in East Asia. In light of tightening security, some members of the East Asia missions team relocated to a nearby country in late 2019. However, the East Asia missions team is moving forward with a renewed emphasis on training servant leaders with godly character and a passion to reach the lost. More than 45 national leaders, trained through Asia Lutheran Seminary, remain in East Asia sharing the gospel message with more than 900 people each week. The East Asia missions team continues to instruct, mentor, and coach these servant leaders through the Internet. Asia Lutheran Seminary, located in Hong Kong, continues to play an important role in recruiting and training new national Christian leaders for service in East Asia. They currently serve 209 students in four different program levels (leadership certificate, associate, bachelor, master). There are about 38 Asia Lutheran Seminary graduates who are working full-time in the public ministry in East Asia.

Fast Facts

  • Nine WELS missionaries serve on the East Asia missions team.
  • There are currently 20 congregations comprised of 55 different groups in East Asia and an additional 15 groups in other locations.
  • 900 people are served with the gospel each week in East Asia.
  • In 2019, 109 people were baptized in East Asia.
  • There are 10 national pastors and 48 current Asia Lutheran Seminary students serving in East Asia.
  • There are about 38 Asia Lutheran Seminary graduates who are working full-time in the public ministry in East Asia.

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Prayer Requests

Mission work in East Asia has been greatly blessed through WELS brothers and sisters who often and boldly take this ministry before God’s throne of grace. The efforts in East Asia have been showered with prayers by people who have made a real commitment to praying regularly for the work of Asia Lutheran Seminary and the ministry occurring throughout East Asia. We know from Scripture that prayer is powerful and effective. We humbly ask you to join this group of dedicated prayer warriors and daily pray for the Holy Spirit to change hearts and lives throughout East Asia and to inspire more East Asia people to study at Asia Lutheran Seminary.

Latest News

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Praying for East Asia

Please pray for Lutherans in East Asia, as they continue to reach out with the gospel in a country that is looking to restrict Christian activities. May God bless them as they gather with fellow believers in hiding to learn more about the precious truths of Jesus Christ.


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