About WELS Investment Funds

The mission of WELS Investment Funds, as a self-supporting subsidiary of WELS, is to strengthen and enhance the ministries of WELS and WELS-affiliated organizations by providing cost-effective, professionally managed investment portfolios exclusively for WELS and WELS-affiliated organizations. By pooling our God-given talents and resources with other congregations, we are able to take advantage of opportunities that would not otherwise be available.

The day-to-day affairs of WELS Investment Funds are carried out by its officers and other WELS employees. For administrative convenience, efficiency, and cost effectiveness, WELS Investment Funds leases its personnel from WELS. WELS also provides services relating to the processing of transactions, preparing investor account statements, and the preparation of corporate financial statements.

The board of directors of WELS Investment Funds is responsible for the operation of WELS Investment Funds, including the engagement of investment consultants. Directors serve four-year terms and are appointed by the WELS Synodical Council.

The board has retained Mercer Investments LLC as the investment consultant for WELS Investment Funds. As a co-fiduciary, the investment consultant assists the board in implementing WELS Investment Funds investment policies by focusing on three primary factors: risk through asset allocation and diversification, selection of quality investment managers, and investment-related costs.

WELS has established an Accounting Oversight Committee responsible for assisting management in establishing and maintaining appropriate accounting policies and internal controls, including the engagement of an independent external auditor to conduct annual audits of the financial statements.


WELS Investment Funds is governed by an independent board whose directors are members of WELS congregations and who are elected by the Synodical Council. The Lord has blessed WELS with a talented group to serve on this board.

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