WELS Endowment Funds

An endowment is a permanent fund in which gifts are invested. The income from the fund is then used to meet ongoing expenses year after year for perpetuity. WELS has two main endowment funds that provide ongoing and increased financial support to synod missions and ministerial education.

WELS Missions Endowment Fund

This endowment supports the continued proclamation of the gospel to people in our nation and the world by WELS missions programs. Donations can be made to the WELS Missions Endowment or to the Home Missions or World Missions sub-fund.

WELS Ministerial Education Endowment Fund

This endowment provides direct and indirect financial assistance to students preparing to serve in the public ministry of WELS and to continue the quality training provided by WELS ministerial education schools. Donations can be made to the Ministerial Education Endowment or to one of the sub-funds set up for each ministerial education school.

So why did WELS establish these endowments?

1. WELS programs of mission and ministry are long-term programs requiring continuing and predictable financial support. These endowments provide needed financial stability.

2. Economies change. In strong economies gifts increase and ministry expands. In weak economies gifts decrease and ministry is reduced, often adversely affecting what has been accomplished. These endowments provide a needed financial buffer.

3. The ministry and mission programs of WELS are very inflation sensitive. Because items such as health care, utilities, and insurance are rising faster than inflation, cost of maintaining ministry programs rises approximately two percent above inflation annually. These endowments provided needed additional income.

4. Endowments meet the desire of many WELS members. They want to give the Lord substantial gifts through their Christian estate plans. They want WELS to be able to use those gifts wisely. Endowments meet these desires.

How do I include these endowments in my giving?

We welcome all gifts—current and deferred, whatever the size—and give thanks to God for all of them! We continue to emphasize Congregation Mission Offerings and thank you for your support of CMO through your congregation.


Thank you for considering a gift to help WELS proclaim the life-changing, soul-saving gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.


WELS has Christian giving counselors all over the country that can help you meet your Christian giving goals.