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Latest News

Loan and Grant Highlights

  • $19.6 million of new loans  and $2.3 million of new grant requests were approved in fiscal year 2016-17
  • 56 total projects were approved, including 9 land purchases, 7 new facility projects, and 40 other projects including renovations, increases, and refinances
  • 7 congregations were approved for new construction loans with final loans expected to total $15.4 million
  • One mission congregation purchased existing facilities, 8 mission congregations purchased land sites, and one missions completed a parsonage purchase

Operations and Support Highlights

  • WELS CEF was blessed with an operational surplus of over $3.5 million for fiscal year 2016-17
  • WELS CEF’s $149.8 loan portfolio  includes loans to 216 WELS congregations and affilitiates
  • Over 3,400 WELS members, congregations ,and affiliates have entrusted WELS CEF with $96.8 million in member investments
  • $32.9 million of matching grants to mission congregations and $4.9 million of special grants to Home Missions have been provided by WELS CEF since 1993
  • WELS CEF has been blessed with an average retention rate of 84.2% for maturing member investments
  • WELS CEF continues to offer loan financing opportunities for WELS self-supporting congregations
  • A net asset distribution from WELS CEF of nearly $843,000 to Home Missions was approved to help support the opening of additional new missions


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