Investment Cost Comparison Calculator

In the investment cost comparison calculator below, enter the total investment costs of two different portfolios to see the potential long-term cost savings.

To calculate the total cost of your current investment program, you will need both the weighted average expense ratios for the portfolio investments plus any investment advisory/management fee.

  • You can find the fund’s expense ratio listed in its prospectus.
  • You can use the ticker symbol for a fund and quickly find its expense ratio at websites like Morningstar (using the “Search Quotes and Site” function), MarketWatch (using the search function), or directly on the website of the investment company. The ticker symbol is a short string of letters in all caps, looking like this: VFINX (the ticker symbol for Vanguard’s S&P 500 mutual fund). You will need ticker symbols for each fund in your portfolio.
  • You can ask the investment advisor for the weighted average expense ratio of the portfolio that they are recommending, and any investment advisory/management fee that would be charged to your account.

Well, dollars saved can be used to provide scholarships for students studying to be pastors and teachers or provide additional resources for outreach ministries both nationally and within local congregations.

Wrap fees, investment advisory fees, mutual fund expense ratios—they all add up. And while they may not sound like much, over time these costs may surprise you. The investment cost comparison calculator makes it easy to compare the investment costs of two different investment options. When comparing costs, it is important to include all the various cost components.

The investment decisions for WELS Investment Funds are made by a nationally appointed volunteer board of directors comprised of WELS members with relevant backgrounds and skills. Much like you would have in your home congregation, only selected from a much larger pool of candidates.

To assist in managing the WELS Investment Funds, the Board of Directors has retained Mercer as its investment consultant. As a co-fiduciary, the investment consultant is responsible for making investment recommendations to the board. Once the recommendation is approved, the investment consultant has the discretion to implement and oversee the investment recommendations. They are also responsible for the monitoring of the WELS Funds’ compliance with the investment policy statement.

Executive Director Jim Holm, CFP®, an employee of WELS, is available to meet with your ministry, either in person or by video or phone, to discuss the various investment options available through WELS. Our investor services specialist, Monica Peavy, can also guide you through the steps to open and maintain an investment account.

To learn more, please contact us.

The Investment Costs of WELS Funds

WELS Fund NameWeighted Average Fund Expense RatioCurrent Operating ExpensesTotal Cost
WELS Balanced Fund0.15%0.17%0.31%
WELS Endowment Fund0.17%0.17%0.33%
WELS Equity Fund0.20%0.17%0.37%
WELS Income Fund0.07%0.17%0.23%

Investment Cost Comparison Calculator
See the table above for the investment costs of WELS Funds.