WELS Foundation

Over the last three years, WELS Foundation has been privileged to distribute $37.5 million in donor-directed gifts to various WELS ministries. We praise God for his blessings and are so grateful to God’s people for continuing to support gospel work.

One of the more popular charitable giving plans is the charitable gift annuity. In addition to quarterly income payments for life, the donor can also receive significant tax benefits from the gift. Then when the Lord calls the donor home, the remainder of the gift will be distributed to the ministry or ministries that the donor has chosen.

Pictured are WELS members Carol and Arnie Nommensen, who have set up multiple charitable gift annuities to support the ministries they love. Visit wels.net/charitable-gift-annuity to watch Arnie and Carol’s story and to learn more about charitable gift annuities.