WELS Church Extension Fund

Pictured above: In 2022, Living Shepherd, Laramie, Wyo., bought the facility it had been worshiping in for a year with the help of WELS CEF.

WELS Church Extension Fund, Inc.

WELS Church Extension Fund, Inc., (WELS CEF) provides financing through loans and grants to mission congregations so they can acquire land and ministry facilities to be used for gospel outreach in coordination with WELS Home Missions. WELS CEF also provides loans to mission-minded self-supporting WELS congregations and schools for land and facility projects. The money to carry out WELS CEF’s mission comes from investments and gifts from WELS members, congregations, and affiliated organizations.

In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022, $24.1 million of new loans and $2.4 million of new grants were approved to mission and mission-minded self-supporting congregations. In addition, WELS CEF provided grants of $1.13 million and $0.5 million to the Board for Home Missions from its annual endowment distribution and its annual unrestricted net asset grant program.

Pictured are members of Good News, Mt. Horeb, Wis at the site of their future church building. As a Home Missions qualified congregation, WELS Church Extension Fund provided $747,914 in land and facility grants to Good News, along with a low-interest loan for the remainder of the cost of the land and construction of its new church.

For more information, visit wels.net/cef.