WELS Investment Funds

Despite the uncertainty of the last year, God continues to bless WELS Investment Funds. We are especially blessed through the WELS ministries that have chosen to invest in the WELS Funds. As of Sept. 30, 2022, WELS Investment Funds managed $250 million in assets for more than 245 WELS ministries.

Grace, Yorba Linda, Calif., is an example of how a congregation can use the services of WELS Investment Funds. After the congregation received a generous gift from a member, Grace’s leadership wanted to explore different options for investing the gift. Grace’s church council and its pastor, Phillip Sievert, met via video with Jim Holm, executive director of WELS Investment Funds, to discuss their investment options.

Sievert was grateful for the meeting and the direction it provided: “It gave our council confidence in WELS Investment Funds and a sense of relief knowing that we can leave the gift in good hands without having to worry about constant decision-making,” he says. “What I was really pleased with is the mission-mindedness that came out of our discussion.”

Sievert concludes, “WELS Investment Funds uses its time and talents and expertise in making the most of our congregation’s gifts and investments. This frees us up to focus on what Jesus has called us to do, to ‘go and make disciples of all nations.’ ”

Learn if WELS Investment Funds can be a blessing to your ministry at wels.net/welsfunds.