Lutheran Schools

The Commission on Lutheran Schools began presenting its Ministerial Growth and Evaluation Process during the 2018–19 school year. Jim Rademan, director of Lutheran Schools, notes, “The Ministerial Growth and Evaluation Process makes use of Scripture and a variety of research-based educational best practices and tools to assist teachers, peer coaches, principals, and early childhood directors in encouraging and supporting one another for strengthening both student learning and our schools.”

The goal is to train all schools in the Ministerial Growth and Evaluation Process over the next 18 to 24 months. In November 2018, 50 school leaders in the Western Wisconsin District (pictured) attended a training session on the process.

Kirsten Duin, director of Grow in Peace Learning Center, Sun Prairie, Wis., says, “The Ministerial Growth and Evaluation Process training was an encouraging event for me because it gave me new tools to help me coach my staff and guide us to the goal of improving the way we serve our families in our center along with the quality of education that we provide to the community.”

Women’s Ministry

WELS Women’s Ministry is hosting a conference with the theme “Living stones, positioned to thrive” from July 18–20, 2019, at Luther Preparatory School, Watertown, Wis. Learn more about the conference and the other resources provided by WELS Women’s Ministry at