WELS Hymnal Project

Committees have been at work on the WELS Hymnal Project since 2013.  Rev. Michael Schultz, director of the Hymnal Project, says, “Our focus continues to be on the scriptural integrity and Christ-centeredness of the resources we are seeking to provide, on both preserving and producing faith-strengthening materials for worshipers today and in generations to come. Our goal continues to be to bring forward texts and music that will serve people of all ages in a broad array of contexts, so that through Scripture and rites and hymns and psalms, God will be glorified and his people edified.”

The work of the Hymnal Project is closely coordinated with WELS Commission on Worship. As part of the hymnal’s development, surveys and field testing have been conducted. The executive committee plans to review and approve final content for all resources in 2019 so that the hymnal will be available for purchase in Advent 2021.