Wednesday afternoon presentation overview

Delegates at the WELS 67th Biennial Synod Convention had the opportunity to learn about multiple ministries Wednesday afternoon. Following the Congregational Services presentation (view article), Mr. Jeremy Angle, president of Northwestern Publishing House (NPH), spoke about the mission and vision of the synod’s official publisher.

Angle said, “The vision of Northwestern Publishing House is to be the first choice people go to for digital and printed resources that share Christ’s truths worldwide.” He explained that by saying “people,” he doesn’t mean just WELS people, but anyone looking for biblically and doctrinally sound books and resources with a pure gospel message.

Speaking to delegates, Angle said, “Today more than ever, those both weak and strong in your care need your guiding hand, as they’re surrounded by a sea of false doctrine washing against them as Christian truths. So, whether you’re a pastor, a teacher, a staff minister, or a lay leader, you may very well be the only person in the life of a church member, a friend, a neighbor, whom they can trust to guide them to Christian resources that strengthen their faith—or bring them to faith. You get to shepherd them toward truth-filled, Christ-centered, doctrinally sound books and materials, and NPH is here to support you with a broad variety of resources for every generation to encourage them to seek God’s will, lead God-pleasing lives, and learn more about God’s love for us.”

Check out the 22 new titles NPH published in the last biennium and its entire catalog of Bible-focused books and resources at You can see Angle’s entire presentation on the Wednesday afternoon livestream archive, beginning at 1:22.

Next at the podium was Rev. Dan Sims, director of WELS Christian Aid and Relief. He began his presentation with a video highlighting the work of Christian Aid and Relief across its three main areas of focus—disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and personal relief grants.

In fiscal year 2022-23, Christian Aid and Relief utilized more than $600,000 for disaster relief, including assistance in Haiti after the earthquake; clean-up following Hurricanes Ida and Ian; and relief to people in Ukraine by way of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church providing basic necessities like food, clothing, and medicine to members and the community. Sims directed delegates to, where members can sign up to volunteer for disaster relief efforts.

Christian Aid and Relief works with Home Missions and World Missions to implement humanitarian aid. In fiscal year 2022-23, Christian Aid and Relief granted nearly $400,000 for aid projects, ranging from boreholes for fresh water, assistance for medical care, and vocational training. In addition, more than $400,000 was utilized for personal relief grants, to assist individual members in times of personal crisis.

“We do a lot of charitable work, but WELS Christian Aid and Relief is not just a charity,” says Sims. “We look at it as a means of grace ministry. In all that we do, we strive to let the light of Christ shine, connect people with God’s Word, and share the good news of his saving love with people who are in crisis.”

Learn more at You can see Sims’ entire presentation on the Wednesday afternoon livestream archive, beginning at 1:36.

Rev. Kurt Lueneburg, director of the Ministry of Christian Giving (MCG), provided an update on the generous gifts of God’s people to WELS ministry. Congregation Mission Offerings (CMO), the main source of support for WELS ministry, were $23.33 million for 2022, 2.9 percent more than 2021 CMO and 3.9 percent higher than projected. This is the third consecutive year in which WELS congregations offered a record total of CMO and the first year in which CMO has surpassed $23 million. So far, 2023 CMO receipts are exceeding projections as well.

See the entire MCG presentation and learn the different ways MCG can help members and congregations make gifts for the Lord’s work on the Wednesday afternoon livestream archive, beginning at 2:12.





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