Update from Ukraine: March 16, 2022

Rev. Roger Neumann serves as the WELS liaison to Ukraine. He has been able to maintain regular contact with the leadership from the Ukrainian Lutheran Church (ULC) and is providing regular updates about how our brothers and sisters in the ULC are doing. WELS has decided to share Neumann’s updates. Please keep the people of Ukraine in your prayers.

All the Ukranian Lutheran Church (ULC) pastors are alive and as far as can be told all the members of the ULC are alive. But more and more stories are coming out of friends and neighbors of our fellow Christians who have been killed and homes that are damaged or totally destroyed. There is active shooting near Tokmak and Bereznehuvate, and daily bombing and shooting in Kharkiv. Food and water in these areas, which are located in eastern Ukraine, are still available but prices are rising rapidly. Please keep Pastors Khaustov, Feschenko, and Tytski, along with their families and their members in your prayers. Along with all of Ukraine.

In Western Ukraine our churches continue to help the increasing numbers of refugees who are coming there. More sets of blankets, pillows and primitive mattresses are being purchased so that children and families can have something soft to sleep on.

There are many stories of personal suffering, and situations that people are forced to deal with. Medicines, doctors, and nurses are needed, it seems, almost everywhere. These stories are repeated over and over again, by many different people.

But there are also heart warming stories as well. Bishop’s music director and organist has arrived in Germany. She has been taken in by a family from the German Lutheran Church(ELFK). I’m told they have a piano and some of the family play violins. What wonderful music must now adorn that home. I know this because I’ve heard her play a number of times for services. Thank you to Pres. Michael Herbst and people in the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church in Germany for your help with people fleeing to your country.

With so many refugees in western Ukraine, our churches there are beginning to hold classes for the children. Most schools are closed right now due to the sirens going off numerous times each day. Efforts, such as this, are an attempt to re-establish a sense of normal for the children in such frightening times. Thank you to Pastors Serhiy Somin, Roman Anduntsiv, Taras Kokovsky, also to Nina and Vasul Andreychuk, and to the workers involved with The Gift of Life. Your efforts are being noticed and are appreciated. May God continue to bless your labors.

Thank you again for reading this and thank you for keeping Ukraine in your prayers.



WELS is supporting the Ukrainian Lutheran Church with emergency needs as their country is torn apart by war.


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