Saviour of the Nations, Vancouver

In March 2009, 13 people met with Rev. Geoff Cortright to worship and consider starting a WELS congregation in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They chose the name Saviour of the Nations, because they wanted people of every culture, tribe, race, and language to know they have something that unites them above all else—or rather, someone: Jesus. Saviour of the Nations has been building cultural bridges and helping others find peace and forgiveness in Jesus ever since. 

In fall 2014, the congregation was granted funding from Home Missions to start full-time ministry. One important component of the mission’s ministry is its free English-as-a-second-language classes and Bible studies. The congregation has a large Asian immigrant population, and Qiang Wang, a Mandarin-Chinese-speaking member, was installed as a part-time lay evangelist in 2016. He is studying with Cortright with the intent of preparing for the ministry through the Pastoral Studies Institute at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. 

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