Peace, Liberty Hill, Tex.

When Rev. Stephen Apt arrived to open a new home mission in Liberty Hill, Tex., in July 2015, he noticed that the community was growing so rapidly that it was beginning to lose its small-town feel. He saw this as an opportunity for his new congregation, Peace, to coordinate community events for families so that as Liberty Hill grows, Peace is considered a backbone of the community. 

Since then, Peace has launched many family-friendly events, including a Mornings with Mommy program, Trunk or Treat, Family Bible Night, and Christmas and Easter for Kids. 

In July 2016, Peace hosted its largest community event yet—an elaborate Independence Day celebration that included a live band, different booths, food trucks, and a professional fireworks show. A mission team from St. Andrew, Middleton, Wis. (pictured) helped the mission congregation run this event, which attracted more than 1,200 community members. 

Before the fireworks show, Apt led a prayer for the country that included thanking God for our freedom but most importantly thanking him for our Savior who freed us from our sins.