Congregation Mission Offering subscriptions and statistics received

Every year at this time, WELS congregations submit their Congregation Mission Offering (CMO) subscriptions. These subscriptions represent the offerings that congregations prayerfully intend to provide for the work of the synod. The subscriptions have now been received for 2021.

We’re pleased to report that 98% of WELS congregations submitted CMO subscriptions for calendar year 2021. Those subscriptions total $21,620,000. This level of CMO subscriptions is down slightly (0.6%) from actual CMO receipts of $21.7 million in calendar year 2020, but it is 2.4% better than the originally approved plan of $21.1 million for calendar year 2021. We thank God for moving his people to provide this generous support for the mission, ministry, and administrative work of WELS.

Congregations have also finished submitting their annual statistics for the year 2020. More than 95% of the congregations provided statistics on membership, worship attendance, confirmations, baptisms, and funerals as well as information on school enrollments and offerings. Even though the goal is to have 100% of congregations submitting statistics, the percentage of WELS congregations submitting statistics compares very well with other church bodies. These statistics are being compiled and will be available in the coming weeks.

Serving with you in Christ,
WELS President Mark Schroeder



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