Update from Ukraine: April 7, 2022

Rev. Roger Neumann serves as the WELS liaison to Ukraine. He has been able to maintain regular contact with the leadership from the Ukrainian Lutheran Church (ULC) and is providing regular updates about how our brothers and sisters in the ULC are doing. WELS has decided to share Neumann’s updates. Please keep the people of Ukraine in your prayers.

Today Bishop Horpynchuk shared with me what they are doing to help hospitals get supplies that are in critically short supply. This is a brief example of what they are doing and how they are doing it. Because of the increase in the number of people, hospitals need many different basic supplies. They make available lists of those things that are needed. Things like bandages, disinfectants, iodine, medicine for fevers, sterilizers, just to name a few items. Helpers then travel to various pharmacies, sometimes traveling in a radius of up to 50 miles to collect these supplies. This is what Bishop, and some of those with him, have been doing the past couple of days. Tomorrow they will deliver what they were able to purchase. Then they will start on another project to help get food supplies to the hospitals or places that house refugees. Similar examples like this are taking place in many other places that have an overflow of refugees.

I then asked how he and the other ULC Pastors are holding up under the daily stress and anxieties that accompany this war. How best to explain his answer is to say that, having themselves heard the many reports of brutality, and down right evil behavior by the enemy in a number of cities, has stunned and saddened them by the sheer magnitude of this brutality. But their faith in the Lord compels them to carry on in their ministry to the people. Believing that, in the Lord there is hope and certainty. They continue to offer words of comfort, from the Scriptures, and take time to pray with the people.

We ask a special prayer for one of their Pastors who said that renewed bombing was under way and that bombs were now falling within a half mile of his location. We pray that God will keep him and his family safe. Another Pastor commented that much of his recent days have been spent in long lines, registering for services that are needed for one of his children.

A Ukrainian newspaper reported the Bishop’s recent visit, by invitation, to the local Administration Building on the front page. The article covered his visit, and it also mentioned that, “American Lutherans are filled with compassion to Ukrainians and are willing to help with all means possible.” I certainly concur with that.

We continue to pray for the people of Ukraine. May God, who is rich in love and mercy, protect his people there.




WELS is supporting the Ukrainian Lutheran Church with emergency needs as their country is torn apart by war.


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