Update from Ukraine: April 8, 2022

Rev. Roger Neumann serves as the WELS liaison to Ukraine. He has been able to maintain regular contact with the leadership from the Ukrainian Lutheran Church (ULC) and is providing regular updates about how our brothers and sisters in the ULC are doing. WELS has decided to share Neumann’s updates. Please keep the people of Ukraine in your prayers.

Prayers are asked today for Hanna and Maryna who have fled from the atrocities and bombings in Mariupol and have been able to leave the country. They are ULC members of a mission church. Bishop has contacted leaders in Germany and Sweden to help find a place for them to stay until they can, Lord willing, one day return. It’s been a difficult trip for them, taking many days. We also pray for them because they take with them the baggage of memories of what they have seen done to their city, and their people.

I mentioned that Bishop was going to deliver some medical supplies today. He has done this and I also copied and included in this update a message that Bishop received from them, which he has allowed me to share.

They wrote, “Today we thank the Ukrainian Lutheran Church and its head V’yacheslav Horpynchuk for caring about our community. It is thanks to Mr. Vyacheslav, our utility company “Center of Primary Medical – Sanitary Aid” Goshanskoy Seli Council in the person of the general director Tatiana Polí щуuk received the medicine. A list of medical drugs has been formed by company doctors, so they are essential for patients today. The head of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church emphasized that the church together with American Lutherans with WELS, Pastor Roger Neumann and Bishop Mark Schroeder are still ready to help the Ukrainian people in its fight for the restoration of Ukrainian of the state. And our organization is still ready to cooperate with the Ukrainian Lutheran Church in all matters for the benefit of the community and Ukraine.”




WELS is supporting the Ukrainian Lutheran Church with emergency needs as their country is torn apart by war.


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