Journaling Bible

I would really like a journaling Bible of some sort where I can write notes as I read. However, the only journaling Bibles I can find are NIV or KJV. Has Northwestern Publishing House developed/printed a translation that follows WELS beliefs and what the Bible says without taking out or changing things? If not, do you have a suggestion of one that is available? Thanks in advance for your help.

In addition to what you listed, a journaling Bible with the text of the English Standard Version is also available from Northwestern Publishing House (NPH).

Although it is not a journaling Bible, NPH also offers the Evangelical Heritage Version: New Testament and Psalms. It is the work of pastors and professors from WELS and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). Rather than seeing it as a “translation that follows WELS beliefs,” it is a translation that seeks to translate the original languages of the Bible into English faithfully and accurately.