Come Into My Fear

At that time Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea.
Luke 1:39

The angel Gabriel proclaimed to Mary the news that she would carry the Messiah. To satisfy her doubt and fear, he informed her that her elderly relative Elizabeth was also pregnant. This information prompted Mary to action and “with haste” (KJV) she went to Elizabeth’s home.

Consider the fear inside a young woman who was facing this voyage. If she was alone or traveling with a caravan, “the hill country of Judea” was approximately 50 miles south of Nazareth. We know very little about Mary’s journey, but we can conclude that most of it occurred on foot. The routes people used to travel were called “ways,” and an average distance covered per day was approximately 20 miles. Mary was likely not burdened with heavy luggage, but the journey required one to two nights in the wilderness. Possibly she stayed with friends or relatives or rested with the caravan.

We know Mary completed her expedition safely. Upon arrival, she may have been tired, hungry, and fearful. How would Elizabeth meet her?

God had already prepared Elizabeth. “Filled with the Holy Spirit,” she calmed Mary’s fears and greeted her with exaltation. Mary responded by bursting into song, glorifying God with a hymn that has inspired worshipers for over two thousand years.

God will meet us in our fears too. He will provide for us in each stage of our journey. And he will put people in places to support and encourage us along the way.


Help us to see you, God, when fear threatens to overtake us. Help us to turn to praise regardless of circumstance, because you are worthy. Amen.

Written by Lou Ann Mokwa
Provided by WELS Women’s Ministry

During Advent, we eagerly wait and prepare our hearts for the celebration of his birth AND the time when he comes again. WELS Womens Ministry invites you to join us for daily devotion e-mails in the month of December to prepare your hearts for Jesus’ birth.
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