Come Into My Perspective

Whatever is true . . . noble . . . right . . . pure . . . lovely . . . admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
Philippians 4:8

It’s Advent. There are programs to rehearse, parties and presents, caroling and cookies, decorating. There’s a birthday to celebrate, and I want to do it “right” and make lots of memories with my family.

The words in this passage describe qualities my thoughts should be focused on every day of the year. “Think” in this verse means to weigh or ponder and take into account or fix my mind with a pointed effort. The call to action in this passage is to spend time thinking about whatever is excellent or worthy of being praised.

Consider the excellencies of God and his character traits: his unchanging love, his grace in sending his Son, the bringer of perfect peace and joy, the gift itself.

Does an elf on the shelf or a twinkling tree do that? Upon reflection, much of what I do in December is not as important as I make it out to be.

The birthday I’m racing to celebrate is my Savior’s. I sit in quiet wonder and pause over his admirable actions and noble sacrifice in making a way for me to come to the Father as his dear child.


Lord, come into my life and remove temptations that would pull me from you. Guide me as I make preparations to celebrate your birth. Help me to see how much better you are than all the world has to offer. Fill me with your peace and remind me of your love. Help me keep my perspective focused on you. Amen.

Written by Deb Hofland
Provided by WELS Women’s Ministry

During Advent, we eagerly wait and prepare our hearts for the celebration of his birth AND the time when he comes again. WELS Womens Ministry invites you to join us for daily devotion e-mails in the month of December to prepare your hearts for Jesus’ birth.
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