Rev. Mark Schroeder reelected as synod president

Rev. Mark Schroeder “thankfully, joyfully” accepted the call to serve as WELS synod president on Tuesday, July 28. Delegates reelected him to his third four-year term on the first ballot.

“I am truly humbled that God in his wisdom would see fit to give this clay jar the opportunity to serve you again as synod president,” says Schroeder, “and I am truly humbled that you have placed that trust in me once again.”

Schroeder notes that it has been a joy and a privilege for him to serve in this capacity for the past eight years. “Not a day goes by that I don’t marvel at God and his continued grace to us as individuals, to us as a church body,” he says. “I ask for God’s continued blessings on his church, on our dear Wisconsin Synod, completely trusting in his promises to do what he always does—to bless his Word.”

Delegates also reelected Rev. Joel Voss, pastor at Resurrection, Centerville, Ohio, to his third term as second vice president.

Numerous other elections for synodical boards and commissions will took place throughout the convention. The full list of election results is available online.