Receivers become givers

WELS Prison Ministry received an encouraging letter and gift from an unexpected source. Chaplain C. Tracy Bennett from Tyger River Correctional Institution in South Carolina sent us the following note along with a $100 gift:

Dear Friends in Christ,

Please find enclosed a donation for your ministry. Inmates made donations and asked for me to send it to you. We appreciate the Bible studies and are very pleased with the response we are getting from inmates who are completing them.

Prayers are being lifted for your ministry as it aids in building God’s Kingdom!

Blessings and Peace for the Journey,

C. Traci Bennett, Senior Chaplain

What a great encouragement it is to see the Holy Spirit is not only working faith in the lives of people through God’s Word, but is also motivating those hearers of the Word to want to help pass it along to others. God is good.