Pen pal pipeline – Summer 2024

Excitement for the opportunity to send our booklets to inmates through electronic means has stirred up the hope that we may be able to connect pen pals to inmates digitally. Unfortunately, providing our booklets electronically and writing person-to-person through our pen pal program are two very different processes. Pen pal writing via e-mail poses unique challenges. The process and programs used in each facility can vary. Also, these programs do not allow pen names, which removes the safety of anonymity. As we continue to seek solutions, we still regularly receive inmate requests for pen pals. We continually need willing writers, who for now will write via pen and paper. With the busyness of the booklet ministry boom, processing pen pal requests is taking longer than normal. We ask that if you are interested in writing to an inmate as a pen pal, please contact Amy at [email protected]. She will give you the program details and assign you a pen pal as soon as she is able.

Please continue to pray for our pen pal volunteers as they share the gospel with the incarcerated through their letters.