Floor committees report to the convention

Three hundred forty-eight convention delegates met in 19 floor committees to consider the synod’s work. Floor committees studied reports from the synod’s ministries, met with synod administrators and board members, and then formed reports and resolutions that were presented to the delegates at large on Wednesday and Thursday.

Many floor committees’ reports summarized the ministry that was assigned to them and offered encouragement for those serving. Resolutions that called for action included the following:

Floor Committee #1, which dealt with the President’s Report, called for “the synod president to appoint a pastoral ministry shortage task force to study the challenges related to the present pastoral shortage and spiritual support for pastors from all angles to provide concrete recommendations to the synod president to address this matter.” Delegates approved the resolution.

Floor Committee #1 also called for “the synod president to appoint a Recruitment Task Force to study and address the challenges to recruitment for our ministerial education schools.” Delegates approved the resolution.

Floor Committee #10: Ministerial Education also offered a resolution to help address called worker vacancies. The resolution asked delegates of the 2023 synod convention to “encourage WELS members with degrees in other fields to consider training for the ministry of the gospel.” Delegates approved the resolution.

Floor Committee #2, which discussed the work of the Conference of Presidents, presented a resolution asking the Conference of Presidents to “prepare a pastoral brief on critical theories in light of Scripture.” This resolution generated much discussion, which resulted in an amendment to “prepare a pastoral brief emphasizing the importance of justice and analyzing critical theories in light of Scripture.” Delegates passed the amended motion.

Floor Committee #3: Commission on Inter-Church Relations resolved that “the synod in convention continue to support the ongoing informal conversations between WELS, the [Evangelical Lutheran Synod], and the [Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod]” and that the Conference of Presidents and the Commission on Inter-Church Relations “continue to update the members of the synod as to developments in these conversations.” Delegates approved the resolution, which did note that “the [Commission on Inter-Church Relations] does not believe we are in a position to initiate ‘formal doctrinal discussions,’ which would mean ‘there is reason to believe there may be doctrinal agreement.’ ”

Floor Committee #7 analyzed the proposed ministry financial plan (budget) for the 2023–25 biennium. The floor committee then resolved to adopt the proposed plan and encouraged “every WELS congregation and their members to support the gospel ministry entrusted to our synod” and to “ask the Holy Spirit to continue to inspire his people to give as they have been given, in support of our synod’s task to hold before the world the good news of Jesus.” Delegates approved the resolution.

To read other reports and resolutions, visit welsconvention.net.





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