Three New Things – Week of November 15, 2021

The LORD’s right hand is lifted high; the LORD’s right hand has done mighty things. I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.
Psalm 118:16-17

My two little girls had a lot of questions when grandma died. Death is shocking, sad, and very hard to work through, perhaps especially when the person that dies is someone that you had a strong relationship with. The children’s book What Happened When Grandma Died explains it this way: Grandma had 3 things– her body, her house, and her life. After she died, she no longer needed those things. God gave her a new body, a new house, and a new life.

The words from today’s Psalm are actually a hymn, a song of thanksgiving for the three things that God gives us when we die. First, he will give us a new body. Our earthly body is full of sin. We sin with our actions, our words, and our mind. We can’t even stop the sinful thoughts from creeping in. Our earthly body will fail us—perhaps we have poor eyesight or a weak back. When we see these weaknesses in our body, we are reminded that we live in a sinful world. Our new body, however, will never get sick, hurt or tired.

After we die, God will also give us a new home in heaven, and there he gives us a new life. This new home won’t have plumbing issues and it won’t fall apart. Our new life will be completely free from sin and the sad consequences that come from it. In heaven we will continue to praise God for the mighty things that he has done.

Our job on earth is to work for him and carry out the mission to “go and tell” all the “mighty things he has done” until our turn on earth is over. We study the life of Jesus by reading the Bible and learn the great things that Jesus did while he was alive. Jesus healed the sick, comforted his friends, gave true hope to sinners, trained his disciples, and even raised people back to life! And, after a life of giving to the world, he allowed his enemies to nail him to a cross. We are those enemies! We are the reason he had to die!

And yet, because of his death and by crushing the devil, he continues to give us even more! His victory over death earned us our new body, new house, and new life. Let’s share this news with the world!

Dear God,
Thank you for the earthly gifts that you have given me: my body, my home, and my life. Help me to use these gifts to share your love with others and point them to Jesus. Thank you for the comfort that, after I die, I will be given an new life, a new body, and a new home in heaven. Amen.

A Question to Consider:
How can you use your earthly body, home, and life to point others to Jesus?

Barker, Peggy, 1982. What happened when grandma died? St. Louis, MO. Concordia Publishing


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