Faces of Faith – Clay and Dee

We first met Clay Smith and his wife Dee at their door while canvassing back in the fall of 2017. After hearing that we were starting a new church in Chattanooga, Clay’s first question was, “Do you confess the Apostles’ Creed?” I told him, “Yep, we’ll say the Apostles’ or Nicene Creed every Sunday at worship.” He said, “Then I may just have to come check out your church when you start holding worship.” Clay soon started taking a Bible Information Class and completed it. He just ate it up, and he learned something new every lesson. But his wife Dee never came to the studies with him.

Months later, Clay finally got Dee to come with him to Bible Study. He wanted to take the whole class again, this time with his wife. And as happy as we were to have Clay in the class, it was Dee who really needed to hear the gospel of free and full forgiveness. A few lessons in, she opened up and said, “I always thought I was going to hell. When I went to church, I was taught I had to speak in tongues if I was really saved. I never could so I was scared of God and church. Now I really know God loves me.”

What a privilege to open people’s eyes to their Savior. It never gets old.

From Eric Melso, missionary at Living Hope Lutheran Church in Chattanooga, Tenn.

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