WELS Lutherans for Life

Darla regularly visited the pregnancy care center for material support. During one visit she requested a pregnancy test.

Darla became hysterical when the test results came back positive. Darla told her client advocate that she could not handle another baby. She ran out before we could even attempt to console her.

Darla had felt that abortion was her only option.

After a few days, Darla’s client advocate reached out to check on her. Darla was grateful the advocate followed up and thanked her for our concern. Darla declared that she made the decision to keep the baby!

WELS Lutherans for Life is an independent organization supporting families in Greater Milwaukee since 1982. We operate a medical clinic at 8501 West Lincoln Avenue in West Allis, Wis. Our mission is to protect a child’s right to live and be loved by loving moms and dads.

As a Christian, pro-life organization, we address unplanned pregnancy in four distinct ways:

  • Intervening with God’s compassionate love through pregnancy consults and medical services
  • Empowering life choices with parenting classes, diapers, and other resources
  • Restoring those suffering abortion’s after-effects with God’s forgiveness, healing, and love
  • Developing teens through engaging instruction, so they can make healthy choices

We intervene for both moms and babies. For moms because some statistics show up to 64 percent of abortions are coerced and for the baby because the child’s life is in imminent danger.

We help empower moms and dads in their choice for life by providing ongoing support in their journey to parenting and up to five years after the baby is born.

We help restore souls damaged through abortion by connecting women and men to the forgiveness that only comes from God’s word and the healing love of Jesus.

Healthy Choices is our education program for middle and high school youth in the Midwest and beyond. These interactive presentations empower teens to make godly, positive choices and avoid high-risk behaviors. These relevant talks help them to pursue healthy relationships and bright futures. We also equip parents through presentations filled with resources.

Those we serve find us through our client website and Facebook pages (apsmke.com, facebook.com/apsmke), Google Ads, Facebook ads, and other marketing avenues. They reach us by phone 414-727-8177, text: 414-465-2246, and e-mail: [email protected].

We welcome and encourage you to share this information with anyone you know who may be dealing with an unwanted pregnancy or suffering from a past abortion experience.

Also, please encourage any pastor, principal, teacher, or youth leader to request a Healthy Choices presentation (Speak4Life.info) in their church or school.

There are many ways to get involved:

  • We’re seeking nurse volunteers to help testing/treatment in our STI/STD outreach.
  • Opt-in to e-mail updates and prayer requests.
  • Participate in fundraising events.
  • Support us financially. Consider becoming a monthly Friend of Life partner.
  • Like and follow us on Social Media: Facebook.com/WELSLFL and Instagram.com/all4lives.

Visit Alife2.com or call 414-727-8176 to learn how you can make a difference. We are not affiliated with Christian Life Resources.

By Peter Georgson, president and CEO