Transformed – teen devotion – March 3, 2024

One truth shared: Jesus refocuses our attention in worship to the Father.

His disciples remembered that it is written: “Zeal for your house will consume me.”
John 2:17

Secret Shopper – How’s your worship life?

Have you ever heard of the Secret Shopper program? A person gets a gift card, maybe a free meal in exchange for feedback on their experience at a nice restaurant. The secret shopper provides an honest look at things going well… and areas that need improvement.

In our reading today, Jesus makes a not-so-subtle visit to the house of the Lord. It was during the sacred festival of Passover. God’s people were celebrating the rescue God provided from slavery in Egypt and the rescue from death by the death of a lamb. Well, they were supposed to be… but the focus had shifted. The Father’s house was turned into a market! Jesus called out the distractions and cleared it out.

What has Jesus seen in your worship life lately? Does it seem boring, empty, a check-list-type activity? What distractions might Jesus clear out of the temple of your heart over the weekend? Let’s clear the air and refocus our worship. Worship is not focused on me, although I will benefit. Worship is not about people, but I will gather with others. Worship is celebration of all God does for us and collectively responding to his gifts with thanks and adoration. God works in worship when we are there in body, mind, and spirit. Refocus, hear the Word of the Lord.

Worship in God’s house is still special. For all the trials and fears we face throughout the week, worship brings us into the presence of God. It allows us to gather with fellow Christians and leave our sins at the foot of his cross. God speaks to us through the message of the songs, readings, and sermon to announce forgiveness and life. This is worth getting excited about, longing for, and sharing with others.

Prayer: Dear Father, thank you for the opportunity to gather for worship every week at church. Seeing Jesus’ zeal for your house, I see how far too often my worship life lacks focus. Worship is about what you have done and continue to do. You are the one who promised a lamb to be offered in our place. You are the one who sent your Son, your only Son, who you love to shed his blood for me. Thank you, Lord. You are worthy. Amen.

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