Transformed – teen devotion – January 14, 2024

One truth shared: We marvel at the kindness our Savior shows sinners and the exciting work he gives us to do.

The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee. Finding Philip, he said to him, “Follow me.”
John 1:43

The Kindness in His Calling

How many selfies do you take before settling on one? Studies find that today’s teens can take up to five or more selfies of themselves before posting on social media. And why? Largely because perfection is what people are after. We don’t want our blemishes showing. We want the lighting to be perfect. Before anyone else out there in cyberworld sees the finished product, we want to hide our imperfections so that no one sees them.

Obviously, this is not achievable in this world so ravaged by sin. We fail. All the time. In so many ways. We do the things we know are bad for us. We stay away from the things which will strengthen us and bring us closer to God. We can try, try, and try again… and yet nothing can change the fact that we have failed.

And yet Jesus loves us. He calls us his own. He did what we could not do—and so much more—so that we do not get as our sins deserve and instead get the gift of an eternity with him in heaven.

We get even more than that. Jesus uses dirty, rotten sinners of all shapes and sizes to serve him in this life and to proclaim his glorious mercy to those around us. He did so at the beginning of his ministry as he called unworthy men to follow him. He does so today as he looks at our faults, knows our weaknesses, and still has room for us in his kingdom and plenty of work for us to join in on this earth.

Jesus loves you, fellow sinner. Never forget that. Always remember your worth to him every day of life.

Prayer: Thank you for loving me despite myself, dear God. Your mercy humbles me and gives me joy each day. Amen.

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