Technology Partners

Important Note: The ShopWELS program is being discontinued effective January 1, 2019. However, we still retain strong relationships with select technology partners listed here. Some other non-technology vendor relationships also exist and can be accessed through different areas of ministry. For instance, Enterprise and Church Mutual information can be obtained through the Finance office.

AT&T Wireless

AT&T has designed an exclusive wireless program just for the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. WELS’ organizations and members can get great discounts on AT&T products and services as well. Discounts also exist for residential or commercial internet and phone options including AT&T Uverse, Wireless Home Phone, and Fiber Optics. Please reach out to our account representative on their product page for more information or to sign up.

AT&T Wireless Benefits:

  • 25% discount on eligible services (i.e. primary line, most features of $25 value or higher). NOT eligible: features under $25 value, family messaging, additional lines i.e. $9.99, and unlimited talk plans.
  • Devices are much cheaper than the retail environment. (Order devices through the AT&T WELS website link and get devices starting as low as FREE on smartphones and other data and messaging devices.)

Concordia Technology Solutions

Concordia Technology Solutions (CTS) offers web and Windows-based church management software options for churches. They provide the tools they need and the flexibility they want to manage membership and financial information.

CTS believes technology should not transform ministry but rather do the things people don’t have to do so church workers can focus on the things only they can and should do. They believe church management software should help churches be efficient in the office and effective in the mission field—being a “high-touch” ministry in a “high-tech, low-touch” world.

Three of Concordia Technology Solutions’ products recommended are Shepherd’s Staff, Church360° Members, and Church360° Ledger. Find more information about each of these solutions on their product page.


WELS has partnered with FinalWeb to provide a web hosting and content management solution. The relationship provides a low-cost service that allows your organization to quickly and easily produce a professional looking website. Perhaps the greatest advantage that this solution provides, however, is your ability to use the content management tools that come with your monthly subscription. These tools allow users of all levels to add, edit, and manage your website content all from a web browser. No programming experience or HTML knowledge is required. This concept will allow more people within your organization to get involved with keeping your website’s content fresh and relevant. For more information on web hosting and their other online solutions, visit their product page.

Troxell Solutions

Troxell Solutions has solutions for every room in a church or school. Whether updating one room or standardizing an entire building, Troxell Solutions partners with churches and schools to ensure the best quality technology at prices to fit your budget, backed by outstanding service and support. To find out more about their solutions and to contact them, visit their product page.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless offers exclusive savings for Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod organizations. This means you’ll get access to a reliable wireless network, plus great deals on calling plans and the latest phones and accessories.

To be eligible for the discounts provided by Verizon Wireless you must currently be employed at a WELS congregation, school, affiliate, or entity.


  • Save up to 22% off your Verizon Wireless monthly access fees (excluding the Verizon Unlimited plan).
  • Device payment agreement on eligible calling plans $34.99 or higher required.
  • Get 25% off eligible Verizon Wireless accessories.
  • Waived activation fee on a device payment agreement.

To find out more about their solutions and to contact them, visit their product page.