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Boldly proclaiming the gospel at home mission churches

The Vine, a home mission church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, hosted Praise & Proclaim evangelism training at their church back in July with support from WELS Home Missions. A WELS Mission Journeys team made up of high schoolers from Minnesota was also there to assist in their outreach efforts. After receiving two and a half hours of training on a Sunday afternoon, the teens were brimming with confidence and ready to go boldly proclaim the gospel.

One team came across a lady who expressed great concern about her brother who has pancreatic cancer. She asked the teen group if they could pray for him. Two teens immediately accepted and led a prayer at the door on behalf of her brother. Another woman was so grateful for a large bag of groceries they handed out that tears started to fall down her face. With three children surrounding her, she told the team that she recently had a miscarriage and was struggling emotionally. They came at a perfect time. You can read even more stories like these in their Praise & Proclaim Initiative Report.

Eight nervous teenagers stepped WAY outside their comfort zones to talk to people about their Savior. Throughout the day, you could see them growing in their confidence and excitement to proclaim the gospel.

Can you help provide additional evangelism training at home mission churches, so that more individuals can confidently and fearlessly share the gospel? We’re looking to fund the next three Praise & Proclaim outreach initiatives for home mission churches through gifts that come into the Tools for Outreach fund this Thanksgiving season. Thank you for your support as we equip more and more people to comfortably and confidently proclaim the gospel message!

Christ Our Savior in Collinsville, Ill., was approved as a new home mission congregation in September 2021 and recently brought in Praise & Proclaim to provide evangelism training for members. Read more about their experience in this Praise & Proclaim Initiative Report.

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