Synodical Council adopts ministry financial plan for 2019–2021

At its meeting on Feb. 22–23, the Synodical Council approved the ministry financial plan (budget) for 2019–2021 that will be recommended to the synod convention in July.

In the first year of the biennium (2019–2020), the plan calls for a small increase in the synodical support portion and in the overall spending levels (which include support from special funds, gifts, tuition, and fees). In the second year of the biennium (2020–2021), there is a small increase in synodical support and a small decrease in the overall spending levels.

Fiscal year2018–20192019–20202020–2021
Synod support29,308,100 29,417,00030,137,300
Gifts, tuition, fees44,976,02045,744,66144,964,914

The Synodical Council will continue to monitor the financial situation; changes could be made prior to the convention if circumstances require.

The Synodical Council approved several adjustments to spending for the current year, with all approved projects funded without additional synodical support.

As a part of the ministry financial plan, the synod convention also approves the “Unfunded Priority List.” These are programs that are not funded by the recommended ministry financial plan but would be implemented if additional funds become available. The Synodical Council will be recommending the following list of priorities:

  1. World Missions— mission support/expansion: $125,000
  2. Home Missions—mission expansion: $125,000
  3. Ministerial Education—financial assistance at MLC: $125,000
  4. Congregational Services—congregational counselor program: $150,000
  5. World Missions—mission support/expansion: $100,000
  6. Home Missions—mission support/expansion: $100,000
  7. Ministerial Education—top capital projects priorities: $150,000
  8. Special Ministries—WELS Military Services Committee: $50,000
  9. Special Ministries—WELS Prison Ministry Committee: $50,000
  10. Ministry of Christian Giving—additional giving counselor: $120,000

While 2019 Congregation Mission Offering (CMO) subscriptions pointed toward a one percent decrease from 2018 actual offerings, CMO results through the end of February are very encouraging. February’s CMO totals were 6.8% higher than a year ago, and year-to-date totals are 6.6% higher than the previous year at this time. We thank God for his blessings and for the gifts of his people.

Serving in Christ,
President Mark Schroeder