Relevant yet true to its roots

“Northwestern Publishing House materials . . . lift your spirits and keep you focused on Christ for your hope,” says Rev. Gary Pufahl, pastor at Christ, Big Bend, Wis.

Pufahl is one of several Northwestern Publishing House (NPH) customers who were featured in a new video that highlights the impact NPH has on those it serves. Congregations recently received a copy of this video that shares how God works through NPH, the synod’s publishing house since 1891.

“NPH remains the trusted publisher for WELS,” says Mr. Bill Ziche, NPH president. “We’re working hard to fulfill that and to make sure we’re meeting people’s needs.”

NPH has called two new editors to continue to look at new ways to address the spiritual needs of people today. Rev. Dan Schroeder will be working to refresh existing Bible studies and to create new ones that are relevant in today’s world. In a newly established position, Rev. Christopher Doerr will be focusing on creating resources to reach newer Christians within WELS as well as those who may or may not be Christian outside WELS.

Using electronic means to distribute its products is another way NPH is looking to reach a wider audience as well as meet the needs of its longtime customers. Over 110 new, best-selling, and classic NPH book titles are available as e-books, and Meditations, a collection of daily devotions and prayers, is now available as an Apple app. Since its release in March, more than 16,500 people from 138 countries have downloaded the Meditations app to take advantage of this daily dose of God’s Word.

Besides creating new products, NPH is working to let people know about its wide array of materials that is already available. Congregations and schools can host book fairs in which NPH will ship a customizable selection of materials to the church, literally bringing the Milwaukee store to any location. NPH itself is hosting weekly and monthly events at its Milwaukee store to reach out in its community. “Whether [our neighbors] are church members or not, we have an opportunity to reach them with the Word through our ministry at NPH,” says Ziche.

A refreshed logo, with a cross and Bible in the forefront, demonstrates NPH’s resolve to carry out its mission to deliver biblically sound Christ-centered resources within WELS and beyond. “The updated logo symbolizes what NPH is doing,” says Ziche. “We’re staying true to our roots in what we do and true to our mission and calling, but at the same time we’re making sure that we’re fresh and relevant in today’s world.”

Watch the video and learn more about the meaning behind NPH’s logo.