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Reformation Talks

Who is Luther? What is the Reformation? And why does it matter to me today? In September 2017, pastors from the East Coast gathered for a conference to answer these questions and others as concisely as possible. Each talk links an important idea from the Lutheran Reformation with a historical event or figure in order to clearly share with the world why the Reformation remains just as important for us today as it did 500 years ago.

Martin Luther timeline graphic

Help your congregation members or your school’s students learn more about events in Martin Luther’s life as well as in the development of Lutheranism. Now you can have your own copy of an enlarged color version of the timeline included in the October issue of Forward in Christ magazine. Download the file and take it to your local printer. Printing the 3 ft. x 9 ft. timeline on foamboard should cost under $500 at a company such as Fast Signs. If you have any questions about the artwork or printing, contact WELS Communication Services at

Reformation 500 worship resources

The Reformation 500 Committee has prepared four worship resources that highlight the “solas” of the Reformation, including sermon studies, worship outlines, and music resources. The resources are coordinated according to a four-Sunday schedule: Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone.

The sermon studies offer background, text study, suggested outlines, and children’s sermon ideas.

The worship outlines are designed to be accessible and therefore “visitor-friendly.” They are rooted in the familiar liturgies, hymns, and psalms of Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal and Christian Worship: Supplement, but also offer variety and flexibility, as well as some new music resource options. Hymns and Psalms have been chosen to closely relate to the theme of each service. Both NIV and ESV translations of the readings are provided.

The music resources include a paraphrase of the Apostle’s Creed set to the familiar hymn tune “Ode to Joy” and a gathering rite based on selected Psalms set to original music. These resources are noted as options for use in place of the spoken creed or standard service beginning, respectively.

365 Days of Luther Quotes

Download 365 Days of Luther Quotes, available for free from Northwestern Publishing House. Get a quote a day from Martin Luther for each day of the year!

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