Preparatory Schools


Michigan Lutheran Seminary, Saginaw, Mich., and Luther Preparatory School, Watertown, Wis., prepare high school students for future service as pastors, teachers, staff ministers, and congregational leaders. Both schools offer “Taste of Ministry” opportunities for students, which include shadowing called workers to learn more about their work. Students also are given firsthand gospel experiences on campus and during mission trips. Michigan Lutheran Seminary opened the 2023–24 school year with 192 students, and Luther Preparatory School opened the year with 410 students.


Michigan Lutheran Seminary

Six students from Michigan Lutheran Seminary (MLS) traveled to Asheville, N.C., to help with Living Savior’s soccer camp in June 2023 (see photo above and to the right). 

“Living Savior has been partnering with Michigan Lutheran Seminary for more than 10 years through their Project Titus program,” says Caleb Kurbis, pastor at Living Savior, Asheville. “Church members and these young people from MLS mutually encourage one another as they serve the Lord and share in gospel ministry together. These young people and their chaperones greet new families, lead games and Bible lessons, and experience the impact of reaching diverse families in a harvest field they’ve never seen before. In addition, church members get to learn more about our ministerial training system and see the impact firsthand.”

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Luther Preparatory School

Arthur Robinson and Cristian Ferrer Bonilla, two Luther Preparatory School seniors, shadowed Thomas Kock, pastor at Atonement, Milwaukee, Wis., in October 2023. The students read Scripture during a worship service, observed a middle school religion class, helped plan the upcoming Advent worship services, and visited with members who are homebound or in assisted living.

“Every young man needs some degree of encouragement along the way,” says Kock. “ ‘Can I really do it?’ ‘Yeah, you probably can, if you’re willing to work at it!’ If I can be an encourager for some of these young men, that’s worth it.”

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