August 2019

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“Someday when I’m an old lady in my rocking chair, I will look back at how God has connected all the dots and think, Wow! 

So says Gina Beasley, who grew up Mormon but now is part of a small mission church in Idaho. Her appreciation of how God led her to saving faith is evident. 

Sometimes wow is all you can say when you think of all that God has done to save us undeserving sinners. And then he continues to bless us even more: 

  • He provides men and women to preach and teach God’s Word to us so that we grow in our faith. 
  • He blesses us with so many material gifts, and when we try to give back to thank him, he gives us even more. 
  • He offers new opportunities for us to reach out with his saving message, whether overseas or right in our backyard. We just have to be ready for them. 
  • He strengthens and guides us even more when troubles strike. 


Julie Wietzke

The idea of our children dating can be . . . unsettling. Pastor Donn Dobberstein, father of four children ages 15-22, shares his strategies for how to navigate this season of parenting.

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