December 2019

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December can so often be a time of busyness—what with the shopping, wrapping, baking, cleaning, and decorating that we all do to get ready for the holidays. With so much going on, we can forget about what’s really important—our Savior’s birth.

So take time this month to be still and contemplate the meaning of the Word made flesh. Light Advent candles as you prepare for the first and second coming of your Lord. Remind your family that “stuff”—at Christmas and all year around—shouldn’t be the focus. And be ready to share the true story of Christmas and of a birth that really matters.

Though I am telling you to slow down, I have to admit that we at Forward in Christ have been pretty busy. We’re bringing you a brand-new redesigned magazine next month. Check out the back cover to whet your appetite. We’re so excited to share what’s coming, including a new look, new features, and a new website. But don’t be too eager. Your January 2020 issue will be a little later than usual. Look for it the last week of December.

And don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten what’s really important either—a message centered on our Savior and what he did for us and all sinners.

Julie Wietzke

Parenting advice. It comes at us from all directions. Sometimes we’re open to it, sometimes we’re not. Hear from Kerry Ognenoff about how she deals with what can sometimes be a tricky situation.

Articles in this month’s issue

Question and answer about “Equipping Christian Witnesses”- Part 2

In celebration of its 25th anniversary in 2020, Martin Luther…
2019/12/04/by Sarah Proeber

A front-row seat to WELS Waukesha campus ministry

Please Lord! Just send two or three college students to our gathering…
2019/12/04/by Sarah Proeber

Lighthouse Youth Center opens third location

After every school day, Lighthouse Youth Center provides safe,…
2019/12/04/by Sarah Proeber

Book nook: Purposeful Grieving

One who is grieving is often challenged to find someone who…
2019/12/04/by Sarah Proeber

Bible Study: The incarnation of our Lord

Paul E. Zell

For many congregations, the Gospel of the Day…
2019/12/04/by Sarah Proeber

“All I want for Christmas. . .”

Glenn L. Schwanke

Age 7: “All I want for Christmas is my…
2019/12/04/by Sarah Proeber

Recovered in Christ

A former addict finds peace and healing in the promises of God’s…
2019/12/04/by Sarah Proeber

Don’t forget Advent

In the midst of Christmas chaos and crowds, Advent points us…
2019/12/04/by Sarah Proeber

Teen Talk: Walking on a tightrope

Life’s challenges seem difficult, but God is there to help.

2019/12/04/by Sarah Proeber

Heart to heart: Parent conversations: How can we nurture a proper view of “stuff”?

How can we nurture a proper view of “stuff”?

Every year…
2019/12/04/by Sarah Proeber

Confessions of faith: Fleck

A long journey ends with faith in Jesus and a desire to serve…
2019/12/04/by Sarah Proeber

What I learned by answering questions

After six years, the author of the “Light for our path” column…
2019/12/02/by Sarah Proeber
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