November 2017

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Let’s face it—it’s easy to thank God when things are going smoothly. Got that job promotion? Thank
God! Test results came back negative? Thank God! The table is overflowing with food and surrounded by
family? Thank God!

But what about those times when things don’t go exactly the way we wanted? Then it’s easy to blame
God—or at least question him.

Several articles this month look at why we should thank God in all circumstances, even when we don’t
right away see much for which to be thankful. Check out “Thanks . . . for nothing”, “Give thanks in
all circumstances”, and “Thank God!”.

Thanking God with our words is one thing. But we can also thank God—for current blessings and for
those to come—with our actions. In our “Salt of the earth” series, Pastor John Huebner explores how we
can practice hospitality and help those in need. Our editorial comment examines how God has
placed people among us who need us and our witness. Plus, see a real-life example of helping
others in need as volunteers support those who were affected by this summer’s hurricanes.

Julie Wietzke

Wondering how to explain the Reformation to your children? “God’s Plan for Luther and Me” is a short film designed with children in mind. Hear one parent’s thoughts about the film and watch some clips from the movie.

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