March 2017

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A crown of thorns. Taunting shouts. Wounds. Thirst. And then, those three words, “It is finished!”

Lent is a somber time—even when we know what happens next. But it also may be one of the best times to reflect on the word grace. God’s undeserved love to us sinners perhaps cannot be more clearly seen than during that Holy Week—when God’s own Son laid down his life for the world.

While our goal is to show God’s grace in every issue of the magazine, we perhaps emphasize it even more during Lent. This month several articles highlight that it is by grace alone that we are saved.

● Pastor Glenn Schwanke paints a picture of Jesus, God’s Lamb and our Lion, and his sacrificial love for all mankind.

● Dr. Arthur Eggert reminds us that although God’s power, knowledge, and presence are awesome, his boundless love is what we sinners truly need.

● Pastors James Kiecker and Richard Lauersdorf dig deeper into that sola of the Reformation, sola gratia, by grace alone.

● Pastor Rolfe Westendorf looks more closely at the words, “It is finished,” and what they mean for all people.

Julie Wietzke

Looking for tips on how to shape responsible behavior in your children? Sarah Reik offers her insights as a mom of four and a licensed professional counselor.

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