February 2019

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Jesus was constantly teaching his 12 disciples during his ministry. These “lessons” prepared them to spread the message of salvation through Jesus after their Teacher ascended into heaven.  

Jesus’ life and ministry continue to teach us, his modern-day disciples. Over the past six months, we learned from Jesus’ interaction with the woman at the well how to turn conversations into opportunities, how to listen, and how to bring in the law and gospel. As we reflected on Jesus and the rich young man, we discovered that witnessing is sometimes a matter of timing and not all our witnesses will end with immediate “success.”

This month we look at another example from Jesus’ ministry, maybe one that isn’t as familiar—the sending of the 72 in Luke chapter 10. Eric Roecker, director of the WELS Commission on Evangelism, starts the series by reminding us that we all can share the good news about Jesus. His story asks us to pray dangerously for opportunities—and then to be prepared when God answers our prayers. 

Being in God’s Word can help prepare us. A new Bible study starting this month—by a new contributing editor, Jeff Enderle—will be exploring ways to enrich your personal devotional life. Don’t miss this month’s article that gives tips from Luther about how to dive into Scripture. 

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Epiphany Quiz

How much do you know?

How much do you remember about the gospel readings for the Epiphany season? We observe the festival of Epiphany on Jan. 6 every year, and the Gospel reading for the day recounts the coming of the Magi to worship Jesus. The Sundays of Epiphany bring us to Lent and Ash Wednesday. The readings for the season remind us that Jesus is true God send by his Father to redeem us. We though you might appreciate remembering the events of the Epiphany Sundays with this little quiz.

How do we prepare our children to handle dangerous situations without scaring them? Sarah Reik and Dan Nommensen offer practical tips to help

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