December 2018

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In our pages this month, we invite you to come and see:  

Find the baby in the manger, that perfect child who came to die for your sins.

Calm your fears as you see your Savior, the Light of the world, who dispels the darkness of doubt and death. 

Silence your heart from the cares of this world through the Messiah, who brings peace now and into eternity. 

We also urge you to go and tell: 

Share the message of forgiveness with your neighbors and acquaintances as you invite them to worship the Christ-child.

Look for ways to focus your family on Christ this Christmas. 

Marvel at how the Holy Spirit uses us to spread his Word in far-off countries like Vietnam.

Pray for opportunities to help others see Jesus—and be ready when God gives them to you. 

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Julie Wietzke

Are you interested in having family devotions this Advent but unsure where to start? Pastors Eric Roecker and Donn Dobberstein offer a great resource that makes it easy to customize the right devotion time for your family.

Holy Word, Austin, Tex., hosted an African music concert for the congregation and the community in which new member Israel Asongo from the Congo sang. Besides church members, many visitors and other immigrants attended.

Read Israel’s story.

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