January 2018

January 2018

Grace. Faith. Scripture. Every month in Forward in Christ we strive to highlight these truths brought into focus by Martin Luther many years ago. The 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation last year really gave us an opportunity to dig deeper into what these truths mean for us today. Congregations, schools, missions, and sister churches also focused on these beliefs. This month we bring you photos from around the globe that highlight some of their special celebrations, ranging from artwork created by fingerprints to parades to districtwide assemblies. You can find more pictures at wels.net/forwardinchrist. 

Unfortunately, many people today are not searching the Scriptures to find the truths Martin Luther discovered there. Instead they are looking into themselves or in other places to find their version of “truth.” This month we start a new series called “What is truth?” in which Dr. Arthur Eggert explores where the world finds truth and where we as Christians should look for religious truth. 

Finding the truth and keeping it for ourselves is not what our Savior commanded. He wants us to shine the light into all nations. Pastor Dan Schroeder explores more about Jesus our Light. 

Julie Wietzke

Interested in helping your family set goals for the coming year? Heart to heart author Kerry Ognenoff shares how her family makes and tracks their goals each year.

Check out more photos of how our congregations and sister churches celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

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