September 2017

 September 2017 issue cover

As I read through this issue, showing Christian love is a theme that runs through the pages.
● The issue starts with reminding us how we are motivated to show love for God and our neighbors in our actions—through our faith in Christ.
● Our “Heart to heart” column shares the importance of showing Christian love and patience as we and our children start a new school year.
● Encouraging others in their Christian lives is another way we can show love. Jeremiah Wallander uses an example from camp to show the power of encouragement. Then learn more about WELS camps around the country that work to build up the faith of the synod’s youth.
● Next, we meet a couple from Wisconsin who shows Christ’s love through fostering special-needs babies—more than one hundred over the years.
● Finally, Jeff Samelson tackles the issue of abortion and how easy it is to sidestep the problem, thinking there is nothing we can do. He reminds us of the importance of showing love to Christ and our neighbor by standing up for what we believe in.

Julie Wietzke

How can we ease our children into the new school year and help them have a successful year? Cindi Holman, veteran educator and mom, shares her tips.

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