November 2019

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Whether it’s a story of a college freshman thanking God for his congenital heart disease or a seminary professor thanking God for his father’s survival in World War II, this issue shows we have much for which to be grateful. Both stories also highlight how God guides our lives according to his plan, a plan that ends with us being with him in heaven.  

Looking ahead to the end of time is something we often do in November as part of the Christian church year. Eric Schroeder breaks down what the season of End Time entails and what each Sunday teaches us about our Savior and his return. Don’t miss Schroeder’s article. 

As we wait for our Savior’s return, there is still much to be done. We can share the message of grace with our friends and neighbors (like new Christians Dave and Connie) and give our time, talents, and treasures in thanksgiving to God (like the widow and her mite or Lucille). We can encourage young people to consider the ministry and show our neighbors what Christian love looks like. Whatever we do, we can be thankful for the greatest gift—our Savior! 

Julie Wietzke

The idea of our children dating can be . . . unsettling. Pastor Donn Dobberstein, father of four children ages 15-22, shares his strategies for how to navigate this season of parenting.

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