June 2017

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Each month in Forward in Christ, we work to strengthen your faith by helping you grow in your understanding of God’s Word. We also share stories of how you, our readers, let your light shine in your community as you pray for the opportunity to tell others about the reason for the hope that you have.

A new series starting this month marries these two concepts. In “Salt of the earth”, we will be digging into Romans 12, which examines how to put Christian love into action. Look for stories illustrating different ways we can be God’s salt and then try to find ways to incorporate that saltiness into your daily life.

As you continue reading this issue, you’ll see examples throughout of Christian love in action, including

● a man—actually, an entire organization—who helps build churches and homes in loving thankfulness for what the Savior has done,

● a congregation doing acts of service in the community while looking for opportunities to share its members’ true motivation,

● a teenager offering hope and love to her fellow classmates, and

● congregations preaching God’s Word and offering personal support to South Sudanese refugees.

Julie Wietzke

Two steps to a simple summer? Yes, please! Becky Schermerhorn gives us her tips.

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