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As we were discussing titles for our new series on hymns, one of the authors of the series mentioned Psalm 89:1, “I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever.” Besides praising our Lord and Savior, singing Christ-centered hymns is a wonderful way to build up our faith, share God’s love, and express our joy in our salvation—from generation to generation. Our new nine-part series is going to look more closely at hymns and how they are used in our congregations. Written by members of the WELS Hymnal Project, the articles also will give us more insight on how hymns for the new hymnal are being selected.

Sharing our joy in our salvation can be done in many ways besides singing hymns. Acts of love and devotion can create opportunities for us to witness. In our “Salt of the Earth” series, you will meet Ann, who for years took care of her suffering mother and then her sick husband. Yet during that time she found strength in her Savior and shared that strength with others she met.

As the famous hymn puts it: “Let us ever walk with Jesus, follow his example pure” (Christian Worship 452:1).

Julie Wietzke

Do you have trouble letting go of your parenting mistakes? Dan Nommensen shares his perspective on how you can move past your guilt and find the joy in parenting.

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