October 2018

October issue of Forward in Christ

Martin Luther, through the Reformation, helped bring the Christian church back to the central teaching of the gospel: It is by grace you have been saved. That is a message that we should be celebrating year-round. It is also a message that motivates us to live lives of service to our Savior and to other people.

  • Our cover article reminds us of this: Whether it’s through pies or a friendly smile, we can show others the love of Jesus.
  • The gospel message is what motivates us to let our light shine so that others can see what our Savior has done for us—and for them. Don’t miss the last article about our treasure, the gospel. 
  • The gospel also compels us to speak. We need to get the message of salvation out to the world. The story of the Samaritan woman at the well reminds us that no matter what our circumstances we all can proclaim about the One who saved us.
  • Finally, meet a man who wants to step up in raising his Christian family after he discovers God’s love and forgiveness.  

Julie Wietzke

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