April 2017

 April 2017 issue cover

There’s probably nothing as glorious as reading about Easter—whether it’s reviewing the historical details of that first Easter Sunday or examining more closely what that Sunday means for all past, present, and future believers. Easter changes our perspective and our witness—something our authors discuss this issue.

● Pastor Dan Leyrer shows us how the apostles used the empty tomb as the heart of their witness to the early Christian church—and how we can use it as we reach out today.

● In our “Abiding truth” series, Prof. Paul Koelpin discusses Luther’s confident Easter faith, even when he faced the death of his loved ones.

● In the light of a serious accident, a mother ponders how Jesus’ mother Mary felt after that first Holy Week and that first Easter Sunday.

● Ever thought about how long 10,000 years is? And that’s just a start when we talk about spending eternity in heaven. But what does that mean for our life on earth now? Our back page article digs deeper into this eternal-life perspective—and how Easter fits in.

Julie Wietzke

Looking for tips on how to shape responsible behavior in your children? Sarah Reik offers her insights as a mom of four and a licensed professional counselor.

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