December 2017

December 2017

God is always with us—in good times or bad, in times of sorrow and in times of joy.  

Christmas emphasizes the truth of “God with us” as we celebrate when God physically became flesh to live with humans on earth. Two articles this month dig deeper into this miracle and the peace it continues to offer us today. 

But do we always live as if God is still with us? Or do we sometimes forget he’s there? Do we let our faith show, or is it hard for others to tell that we follow Christ? Our “Salt of the earth” article this month uses compelling real-life examples to highlight a time when it can be difficult to let our light shine: when we are persecuted. 

Or maybe on the other end, in our zeal to serve our living Savior, we forget the one thing needful—letting him serve us through his Word. Our new Bible study, which is focusing on stories of Jesus as a mealtime guest, starts off by examining the Bethany buffet and how Martha and Mary served and were served by their Savior. 

Have a blessed Christmas worshiping our Immanuel. 

Julie Wietzke

Instilling a mission heart in our children is a God-pleasing goal for Christian parents. How do we go about it, though? Amanda Rose expands on her article and gives parents practical tips on this important topic.

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