June 2019

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As Prof. E. Allen Sorum reminds us, Pentecost “commemorates a harvest of precious human souls through the preaching of the gospel”. This harvest includes 

  • Jennifer Nelson, a former Carmelite nun who discovers that her salvation isn’t about what she does;
  • Jean, who heard the gospel at a home mission in Hendersonville, North Carolina; 
  • Kyle Oppermann, who left WELS for a while but came back home, where he discovered acceptance, a sense of belonging, and Bible-based teachings he had been missing;
  • John Coulter and Sarah McKeag, an Irish couple married in 1848 whose Christian faith blossomed in new generations; and  
  • you and me.

But the harvest isn’t over. As Sorum reminds us, there is still work to be done and it is our mission to do it. It might be telling our neighbors about Jesus, even when they are antagonistic toward Christians. Our “Ambassadors: Let them see Jesus” article this month gives us some tips. It might be inviting our friends from church to worship next Sunday because it’s been a while since we’ve seen them. A special synod initiative emphasizes the importance of welcoming members back to church. It might be supporting new mission opportunities as the gospel message spreads. 

Whatever it is, remember that the harvest is on! 

Julie Wietzke

The idea of our children dating can be . . . unsettling. Pastor Donn Dobberstein, father of four children ages 15-22, shares his strategies for how to navigate this season of parenting.

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