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Jesus lives! Alleluia! We rejoice with Christians around the world who call the resurrected Jesus their Savior and Lord. This includes Christians in an Asian nation were less than 1% confess faith in Jesus, a place where Christians are outcasts and often persecuted. It also includes Native Christians on reservations in Arizona, where 125 years ago WELS send its first world missionaries. 

As Brad Wordell reminds us in his article, Jesus’ resurrection from the dead on Easter is closely tied to the mission of the church: to spread the gospel to all creation. Wordell shares more about God’s amazing power and how God has raised up pastors in this Asian nation despite the extreme challenges they and other Christians face.  

We also start a three-part series this month that looks at WELS mission work on the Apache reservations. I’m sure many didn’t expect a mission to succeed in the wilds of the Arizona Territory in 1893. Yet God prevailed, and there are more than 3,600 members in nine congregations. And these members aren’t content to sit still—they want to take the message of Jesus’ resurrection to the other 500 reservations around the country. 

Jesus lives! Alleluia! To whom will you tell that message? 

Julie Wietzke

Instilling strength and gentleness in our children requires a careful balancing act. Dan Nommensen shares his tips to help parents along the way.

Listen to A Twin Cities In Motion podcast with Nicole Peterson, who wrote in the April issue about God’s map and how he directs our paths.

Check out more photos of how our congregations and sister churches celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

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