August 2018

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We like to tell stories in Forward in Christ—stories that share how the gospel changes lives and how it serves as a guide and comfort to all of us, no matter what happens in this world.  

Take Hue Thao for example. Born in Laos, he didn’t know about God’s grace until he moved to Kansas City and ran into Bounkeo Lor, a Hmong pastor—a man he actually had met years earlier in a refugee camp in Thailand. And now Lor is teaching that same gospel message to Hmong pastors in the communist country of Vietnam. 

Or what about Yi Zhang, who grew up in China and saw how Christianity changed the mother of her friend. Years later she learned about her Savior in a WELS church in Canada, and she shares how that has changed her as well. 

But the story that really hit me this month is that of Mike Young. We actually told his story a few months ago in our series “Our treasure: the gospel.” His pastor, Nate Buege, wrote about how the message of forgiveness through Jesus changed the outlook of a man who was struggling in life. In a Feedback letter, Buege resumes Mike’s story, telling how the gospel continued to bring him peace. 

Julie Wietzke

God blesses our children with different talents and abilities. How can we support our children as they struggle in the areas where they aren’t as naturally gifted? Ann Jahns shares her thoughts.

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