July 2018

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I fly fairly often. When I was young, it was exciting and new. Now it is just a way to get from one place to another quickly.  

Two articles talk about flying this month, both sharing insights on topics that might scare us. The first discusses talking to the person sitting next to you on the plane. While we may try to avoid these interactions, you never know what opportunities the Lord can provide when we engage in conversation on the plane —and elsewhere too. The second tells the harrowing story of Flight 1380 and what went through a WELS pastor’s mind when it looked like the airplane he and his wife were on was going to crash. What do these events have in common? Both can give us an opportunity to live our faith—through our words and our actions. 

A special addition to our pages this month are photos of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and Martin Luther College 2018 graduates and listings of their first assignments into ministry. We thank God for these young men and women who will be sharing God’s Word as called workers in our schools, churches, and mission fields.  

Julie Wietzke

Is bedtime full of stress for your family? Hear from Anna Geiger, mom of six, on the bedtime routine that helps their family end most nights peacefully.

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