February 2017

 February 2017 issue cover

Through no plan of ours, our devotion (p. 7) and back-page article both refer to the same Bible passages: Romans 8:35,37. One shares about God’s forever love to us, while the other gives a personal example to demonstrate God’s love for sinners.

When looking through the entire issue, I realized that many articles relate to this familiar passage that states, “We are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

  • Both “Confessions of faith” (p. 14) and “Grace upon grace” (p. 30) highlight that even on the most difficult paths, God is with us—and even carrying us—when the burden becomes too heavy.
  •  In his article, Dr. Arthur Eggert tells us more about God’s omniscience and omnipotence, two qualities that put an exclamation mark on God’s power in and plan for your life (p. 12).
  •  Finally, Executive Editor John Braun reminds us that even when we feel weary from life’s troubles, we can sink ourselves into God’s promises because God has said he will never desert us (p. 34).

One last note: Make sure to check out a new series that looks at cross-cultural ministry in the U.S. (p. 28). In future issues, we will be digging deeper into these wonderful opportunities at home, which are leading to amazing opportunities abroad.

Julie Wietzke

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