More changes for Prison Ministry

WELS Prison Ministry has been facing all sorts of changes, one of which is consolidating our booklet storage and shipping in New Ulm, Minn. On January 23, a crew of eight movers and three trucks converged on our former warehouse in South St. Paul. Loading the books onto the trucks was not too difficult because the boxes were stored on pallets and could be moved onto the trucks with pallet jacks. On arrival in New Ulm, however, the thousands of boxes of books had to be hand carried into our mailing facility with the majority being placed in the basement. Thanks to the crew from Bester Brothers Transfer & Storage Company that did the literal heavy lifting for this effort.

We also want to thank a crew of five Martin Luther College students who helped a few days later take delivery of a reprint of “Believe and Live”, one of our studies, and rearrange some of the delivered boxes so that they were in order.

Having all our inventory in or near the New Ulm mailing center will streamline our efforts and allow us to be more timely in our response to some bulk orders. We want to thank our faithful volunteer Elmer Stolle who manned the South St. Paul warehouse for decades, assembling and sending bulk orders of many of our Bibles, Bible studies, and other resources.